Volcom Seaslug Surf Series Results

Volcom Stones
Seaslug Surf Series
El Porto, Manhattan Beach

Dane Zaun. Photo courtesy Volcom/Kenny Morris

Dane Zaun. Photo courtesy Volcom/Kenny Morris

With zero swell forecasted and extreme tides swings upon us, a postponing looked to be in order for the Seaslug Surf Series. However, we kept our fingers crossed and the crack of dawn revealed some fun 2-3ft surf. With 120 kids flocking out of streets of Manhattan, we were off and running for a great day of Totally Crustaceous Tour action. Check out all the photos and video to captures the days awesome events!



1. Bobby Okvist $500.00
2. Teddy Navarro
3. Dane Zuan
4. Matt Mohagen
5. Spencer Regan
6. Ryan Carlson

1. Kelly Zuan $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Scott Weinhardt
3. Sam Regan
4. Logan Laubach
5. Justin Davis
6. Riley Peterson

1. Jake Marshall
2. Kanoa Igarashi
3. Josh Benjoya
4. Jay Christenson
5. Dylan Aragon
6. Noah Collins


1. Natalie Anzivino
2. Kulia Doherty
3. Lani Doherty
4. Jordan Wible
5. Filippa Ferrera
6. Cassidy Bevkema

1. Nichelas Marshall
2. Tanner Ford
3. Keanu Igarashi
4. Samuel Collins
5. Braeden Steele
6. Elijah Huseman

Electric Volt Thrower
Bobby Okvist- $50.00