Volcom Stone Totally Crustaceous VQS Surf Tour Hits Qld

Grom Finalists. Photo courtesy Volcom

August 19, 2008: – – Caloundra's "Ann St" turned it on for the start of the Volcom Stone's Totally Crustaceous VQS surf series for 2008 with off shore winds all day, cloudless skies and 1 to 3 foot south swell hitting the punchy reef allowing contestable waves and fun to be had by all.

We were greeted by a king tide helped by the recent full moon, there almost wasn't a beach to set up on but the local groms assured us that we would be fine and the waves will pump as the tide drops. First out was the Grom division (14 and Under) all snapping at each others heels loving the flexibility of the 10minute heats with best one wave counted allowed for the kids to really express their talent and let loose.

The final saw Trini Tonga demolish the punchy left hander to pieces and also  found a tube (note barrels only make-able by groms on the day). Trini stealing victory from Tom "the Tank" Cervi who served up his fair share of fin gouges during the day in second place with Jake Fissendon and Kai Hing  third and fourth respectively. All took home custom Volcom VQS treasure chest trophies and a swag of proddie for their efforts.

Girls division was all peace, love and mung beans as the groovy Queenslanders shared the waves in the final like popcorn at the movies.  Naomi Stevic demonstrated it's quality not quantity that gets you the goods with two solid waves in the final on both the left and right set waves securing the win comfortably from  Dimity Stoyle second local shredder Tahlita Repard third and late arrival Maddy Dunn fourth.  All finalists have now qualified for the VQS Australian Champs at Manly Beach on the 3-4th April 09, go girls!

Junior division (15 to 17) saw hot heats contested in epic waves early in the perfect sunny coast conditions with high scores coming from the likes of James Cervi and Travis McCoy but the day  was dominated by one super man-grom, Ann St local Nick McDonald.

Nick showed class all day winning every heat and the final popping out all the tricks in the book including a silky smooth chop hop in the semi's and an entourage of back hand snaps into the  final with Paul McGregor second and Tim Ollier and Matt Johnson rounding out the top four. When asked how he felt "I just can't wait till next year" Nick obviously pumped on the opportunity to represent Australia at the world VQS champs at Newport Beach next May!

Pro-Am division was as a sold out affair from the beginning with all heats filled to the brim and the action showed with the tightest of heats leading up to the finals, which saw local favourite Chris Friend and Jasper Endersby ousted in the semi's.

The finals was a head to head clash between Luke Jory and Shannon "Corky" Neil which wasn't decided until Corky's very last wave in the dying minutes getting up with a series of back hand attacks hitting 12 o'clock every time to secure victory from an excellent score with Andy Johnson third and Kalan Schloss fourth.

Big thanks to Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Caloundra locals for the use of Ann St beach, to Volcom QLD's Levi, Pete and super work experience lad Kyle, helpers Henry, Mel and groms, judges Jeff, Doc and Kale, Volcom Team Matt Bemrose, Chris Friend & Mitch Coleborn for stoking the groms out,

Tom Carey for the surf photos, Red Bull for the BBQ, MC Corky and our friends at Electric, Vestal, Future Fins, Fingergrips, Famous,  Solrx, West and Red Bull for the epic swag the groms frothed on!



1st Trini Tonga
2nd Tom Cervi
3rd Jake Fissendon
4th Kai Hing

1st Naomi Stevic
2nd Dimity Stoyle
3rd Tahita Replard
4th Maddy Dunn

1st Nick McDonald
2nd Paul McGregor
3rd Tim Ollier
4th Matt Johnson

1st Shannon Neil
2nd Luke Jory
3rd Andy Johnson
4th Kalan Schloss

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