Volcom Stones Blowfish Surf Series Results

Volcom Stones
Blowfish Surf Series
D Street, Encinitas

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D. Street Goes Off! Encinitas is a great place in the summer to hold the season opener of the Blowfish Surf Series. The beach of Encinitas lit up Saturday July 23rd, 2005 with over 250 competitors showing up from Oregon, Australia, Florida, Hawaii, Brazil and all over California to compete in 3-4ft fun summer time surf. Fortunately for the long days, we were able to get 200 competitors in, but even the contestants that didn’t get in, hung around and enjoyed some free lunch from Red Bull and chance to win some free goods on the beach.

The Girls division saw the most entries in any VQS event ever in California. The final was a close heat between all the girls. In the end, it would be Darelene Connelly who solidified her win with some solid scores early on. She walked away with a pair of Emu boots, Sector 9 Skatedeck and backpack full of gear. Finishing in a solid second was Amy Chivers, while rounding out the final was Cassidy Wensener, Kristi Rife, Jenny Quam and Sarah Hoffert.

In the Grom division there was some super young kids that showed up to blow up, 7 year old Kalani David and Ara Suhadolnick putting on a good show but came up short from making the final. The Grom final came down to JD MacFaden, Andrew Hines and Dominic Dipietro fighting it out for the win. Young Andrew Hines raised the roof with his smooth quick turns and earned himself the win, a Santa Cruz Skatedeck, and a grip load of other prizes. JD MacFadden, Dominic Dipietro, Sam Orozco, Sterling Weatherly and Tilor White rounded out the final.

The Juniors final was a stacked lineup of fired up young men. The overgrown powerful surfing of Jensen Hassett won him the victory, along with a Vestal Watch, Spy Shades and whole bunch of other loot. Finishing a respectable second was Ryan Burch, with Gabe Garcia, Nic Lamb, Brandon Navdin and Josh Hromin rounding out the final.

In the Pro-am final it was an all out 20-minute battle on the water for the $500 cash money up for grabs. When it was all over, Josh Fuller barely edged out Nick Kovak for the win, $500 cash and bag full of gear. Rounding out the final was Josh Buran, Sean Marceron, Peter Labrador, and Justin Quirk.

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Special thanks to everyone that helped out!


1.Josh Fuller $500
2.Nick Kovak
3.Josh Buran
4.Sean Marceron
5.Peter Labrador
6.Justin Quirk

1.Jensett Hassett
2.Ryan Burch
3.Gabe Garcia
4.Nick Lamb
5. Brandon Naudin
6.Josh Hromin

1.Andrew Hines
2.JD MacFadden
3.Dominic Dipietro
4.Sam Orozco
5.Sterling Weatherly
6.Tilor White

1.Darelene Connelly
2.Amy Chivers
3.Cassidy Wensener
4.Kristi Rife
5.Jenny Quam
6.Sarah Hoffert