Volcom Stones Butterfish Surf Series Pipes, Ventura

There is only one word for the last stop of the 2008 Butterfish Surf Series at Pipes, WINDY! The day started of as any other Pipes contest with tons of kids and fun 3-4 ft surf, but with waist high white caps on the horizon we new to prepare for a windy day. A 1,000 zip ties later we were ready to get this thing rolling. We started off by throwing the Juniors division into the water at 8:00am sharp and boy did they score the best conditions of the day. By the time the first round of Juniors was over it was gale force winds and time for the real fun to begin. After some Easter egg hunts, food eating contests, and great surfing it was time to move into the finals. Here is how it all went down.

The Girls had their work cut out for them, with conditions taking a turn for the worst we decided to switch to top one wave. So these girls had to get out there and be patient for that one wave that would take them to the winner’s circle. Demi Boelsterli, Sage Erickson and Bo Stanley were wave for wave the entire heat. The separation between first and third was only one point. In the end it was Bo taking the win with Demi in second and Sage claiming third. Lexi Vanderlieth, Catherine Clark, and Keenan Reeser wrapped up the girls final.

The Grom final was all familiar faces from this years VQS events, not to mention outrageous talent. First to draw blood was Crusty warrior Kent Nishiya and he looked to have it all wrapped up with his first high scoring wave, but Sam Reagen had other plans. In the closing minutes he got the wave of the heat and would cruise to victory and proceed to be serenaded by beautiful young woman feeding him grapes, sparkling cider, and praising his existence. Well not really, but he did walk away with a fat sack of prizes and a brand spanking new electric Guitar and mini amp. Frank “the tank” Curren, Skylar Lawson, Matt Becker, and Jake Kelly closed out the final.

In the Junior final the wind just kept getting stronger, but between the craziness there was still some pulsing swell. Ian Jenkins was first on the board with a long right, but Simon Murdock was right on his heels bettering Ian’s score by a half point. Finding a set in the closing minutes of the heat was Evan Watson, he beat the lip like it owed him money. That would prove to be enough to earn him the win and a backpack stuffed with all kinds of Volcom gear, a Vestal watch, Dakine traction pad, Future fins, and a Zoo York skate deck. Eli Cole, Antoine Allain, and David Dittmar finished out the heat.

The Pro-Am final had some living legends and some fresh blood. Bobby Morris posted a couple of late scores in the heat, which moved him from last to third. Blake Howard took off on a better set wave of the heat and smack the lip multiple times to earn a seven from the judges. However, when it was all said and done its was local youngster Matt “I love butterflies, rainbows, and white striped unicorns” McCabe who left with $500.00 in cash and a face full of Monster Energy drink. Tom Curren, Guy Guy Quesada, and Pierce Flynn rounded out the final.

1. Matt McCabe $500.00
2. Blake Howard
3. Bobby Morris
4. Tom Curren
5. Guy Guy Quesada
6. Pierce Flynn

2. Ian Jenkins
3. Simon Murdock
5. Antonie Allain
6. David Dittmer

1. Sam Reagan
2. Kent Nishiya
3. Frank Curren
4. Skylar Lawson
5. Matt Becker
6. Jake Kelly

1. Bo Stanley
2. Demi Boelsterli
3. Sage Erickson
4. Lexi Vanderlieth
5. Catherine Clark
6. Keenan Reeser