Veeco’s Butterfish Surf Series Wrap

Volcom Stone’s Butterfish Surf Series
Jan 22, 2011 at Pipes in Ventura, CA.

With a solid swell in the forecast and the sounds of pounding surf hitting the beach in the dark, no one got a wink of sleep that night with the amount of energy in the air. With the fear of the surf being to big to run the event, we were anxious to see what was in store for us, so we loaded up the trailer and drove up the road to Pipes to run the second and final Butterfish event of the year. At first light we knew this event was going to go down as one of the best events of the year. We were greeted with fun 4-6 lines running down the point!

Pro Am winner Bummy Keopenick.

Pro Am winner Bummy Keopenick.

The day started strong so with 160 competitors signed up and ready to go it was time to get this party started. The Groms were their usual crazy selves with non-stop shenanigans all day and the surfing was at an all time high and with heavy hitting names from all over the state we were definitely in for a show. Here is a bit of highlights from the day's action. The Squids division gets better and better every event and these little guys deserve a ton of credit with the surf a little bigger then usual they got out there and did it with no complaints! When it was all said and done it was Ryder Alves taking the win, with Tommy McKeown coming in a close second in the closest squids heat of the year. The Groms division was insane; we had six full heats, which would make for a very competitive day for the little dudes. In the end it would turn out to be Kei Kobayoshi who would take the win and walked away with tons of goodies including a year Subscription to TransWorld SURF Magazine, tons of prizes from Volcom and Electric, a brand new Team Associated RC Trophy Truck and dinner for ten from Chipotle!


There’s always a good amount of girls at the Butterfish and this year was no different. With a screamer to start the heat Lani Doherty never looked back taking the win, all the prizes and the 1,000 points toward qualifying for the VQS Champs in May. The juniors had their hands full all day. The final was the closest I have seen in a while, with the difference between first and third only being a half point. Kevin Shulz was the man of the hour and took down the win and the $250.00 in prize money thanks to Muscle Milk. The Pro-Am division had some newcomers and the usual suspects. When it was all over it was Bummy Keopenick taking his second win of the season and $500.00. This also makes him the best surfer in the VQS this season with 2,000 points.

Kei Kobayashi took the Grom final and heap of prizes which included TEAM ASSOCIATED RC Trophy Truck. Matt McCabe claimed the ELECTRIC VISUAL move of the event and $100 for his efforts.

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1. Bummy Keopenick $500.00
2. Johnny Craft
3. Dane Anderson
4. Matt McCabe
5. Jeremy Scribner
6. Adam Virs

1. Kevin Shulz $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Skylar Lawson
3. Jackson Nevel
4. Austin Ortiz
5. Will Laidlaw
6. Jesse Johnson

1. Kei Kobayashi
2. Nic Hedez
3. Noah Collins
4. Vinny Leonelli
5. Conner Lundy
6. Dylan Aragon

1. Ryder Alves
2. Tommy McKeown
3. Josh Rutz
4. Marley Sapp
5. Dimitius Poulous
6. Calvin Lundy

1. Lani Doherty
2. Demi Boelsterli
3. Frankie Herrera
4. Lulu Erkenett
5. Bo Stanley
6. Billie Malkin

Electric Volt Thrower
Matt McCabe – $100.00

Check out more photos from this event on the VQS FACEBOOK. All photos provided by Kenny Morris.