Volcom Stone’s Catfish Surf Series Results

Volcom Stone’s
Catfish Surf Series
Jobos, Puerto Rico
March 12th-13th 2005

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The Catfish Surf Series annual event went off this last weekend at Playa Jobos in Isabela, Puerto Rico on March 12th —13th, 2005. Puerto Rico is a windy place and we counted on blown out surf for the event, but to our surprise the wind managed to hold off and the competitors were greeted with some glassy 4-6 foot surf on Saturday, and 2-4 foot waves Sunday. This is also a yearly trip for quite a few of the Volcom team riders who come down to shoot photos and test their skills against the local Puerto Rico talent in the event. With Over 230 entries in the contest, it made for a crazy weekend of surfing, beach activities and bronzing in the Caribbean sun. To top off the great weekend Red Bull bought everyone lunch and ice cream from a local vending cart.

In the Grom Final Kilian Raust was hungry for the win, he had been ripping all weekend and looked to be the favorite. But to his surprise, super charged Jorge Rivera squeaked by and took the victory. He earned himself $250 bucks, a backpack full of prizes and a custom Volcom trophy. Rounding out the final was Eric Torres, Christian Candelas, Hector Santa Maria, and Jose Torres.

The Squids (11& under) were ruling. This is a specialty division we add for this one event only. They were charging the over head high waves and Ricardo Lucke claimed victory over Raulo Diaz, Cristian Rivera, Quincy Davis, Brian Laide, and Mauricio Diaz.

The Girls were pumped and also charging. Cindy Melendez dominated from the start and earned herself the win, a Vestal Watch, a bag full of gear and some serious bragging rights. Nydia Del Ma Rafols, Maria Del Mar Gonzalez, Christine Wilson, Idaliz Alvarado and Diane Santa Maria rounded out the final.

The Little Girls Division (16&under) was another specialty division. Ariel Engstrom earned her first victory; she walked away with a Volcom backpack full of prizes and a huge smile on her face. Quincy Davis finished in a respectable second, with Kelly Laide, Chelsea Crevier, Alex Engstom, and Diane Santa Maria rounding out the final.

In the Juniors Final Wesley Toth dominated the final from start to finish, earning himself the win and $500 in cash, plus some Electric Shades and a bag full of gear. Dane Jeffreys, Edgardo Romero, Ernesto Torres, and Kevin Constance rounded out the final.

The Air Spectacular Final started off slow, due a lull in the waves but, with five minutes to go, the ocean came together and kicked up enough for Miguel Diaz to launch a clean air and take home the victory, along with $250 cash and bag full of prizes.

The Pro-Am Final was action packed with young Kilian Garland ripping and controlling and completely dominating the final, until he made a costly mistake and received an unfortunate interference call, which knocked him out of the title race. Chris Dennis took advantage of the interference and took the victory with $1000 bucks cash and grip of prizes. Rounding out the final was Wilfredo Deliz, Ricky Medina, Gustavo Betancourt, Wesley Toth, and Kilian Garland.

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Surf Photos courteous of Jimmy Wilson and Daniel Terry


1.Chris Dennis $1000
2.Wilfedo Deliz
3.Ricky Medina
4.Gustavo Betancourt
5.Wesley Toth
6.Kilian Garland

Air Spectacular
1.Miguel Diaz $250
2.Norberto Pene
3.Corey Cirillo
4.Josie Graves
5.Charlie Ramirez
5.Kilian Garland

1.Wesley Toth $500
2.Dane Jeffreys
4.Ernesto Torres
5.Kevin Constance

1.Jorge Rivera $250
2.Kilian Raust
3.Eric Torres
4.Christian Candelas
5.Hector Santta Maria
6.Jose Torres

1.Ricardo Lucke
2Paulo Diaz
3.Christian Rivera
4,Quincy Davis
5.Brian Laide

1.Cindy Melendez
2.Nydia Del Mar Rafols
3.Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
4.Christine Wilson
5.Idaliz Alvarado
6.Diane Santa Maria

Little Girls
1.Ariel Engstrom
2.Quincy Davis
3.Kelly Laide
4.Chelsea Crevier
5.Alexis Engtrom
6.Diane Santa Maria