Volcom Stone’s VQS* Tour 2000

Volcom Stone held there Goldfish Surf Series Championship event on Feb10th at the Pismo Beach Pier. Conditions couldnt be more spuradic. Theearly rounds of the event endured rain squalls, with 30 mph winds, hugesurf, and finally in the early afternoon sunny skies with glassyconditions prevaled for the semis and finals.

This was the best Goldfish title race I’ve seen in a while. In the MensPro-Am division, Dennis Rizzo held a solid 400 point lead going intothis event but the conditions got the best of him and he was eliminatedin the first round. This left the feild wide open for Carl Holm , GregPobst, and Pismo’s dark horse Zach Hartley. Pobst fell early in theqaurters while Carl Holm and Hartley ended up battling it out in thefinal.

Hartley needed a win to seal the thing while Holm mearly only needed tomake the final. The final included Chris Enns and Hugh Soderquist whoendend first and second and Hartley’s third place finish wasn’t enough.Carl slid into to the Champion seat with a solid 5th place showing inthe final.

The Juniors division was not nearly as complex as the Pro-Am, with 17 yrold ruler Nate Tyler holding a considerable lead going into the finalevent. The only way Tyler was going to lose is if he blew it, and thathe did not. Nate powered his way to a second place finish in thefinal,which also featured Carpinteria ripper Blake Howard who got thewin for the day. Nate Tyler walked away a Champion.

The Grom division featured an unlikely crew of helgies, due to theabsence of usual division ruler Kilian Garland who has been plaged withtrips to Tavarua and Hawaii. This was a golden opertunities for GromsBummy Koepenick, and Tom Mowry to prevale. Bummy lossed in the firstround by not catching a single wave, when asked Bummy was quoted saying”I just wanted to be home, hangin with my bro’s at Tar Pits” Bummy alsoproceded to try to sneak his way into the final by paddling out in thefinal an acually getting scored, until the event director noticed therewere one to many jerseys in the line up. A nice effort, but in the finalTom Mowry’s third place finish was enough to make him the Champ. Also,one last thing, Tim Pfannestiel who was rated sixth going into the eventsurfed his best ever to place second in the event and second in theoverall ratings.


1.Chris Enns $150
2.Hugh Soderquist $50
3.Zach Hartley
4.Rick Gannon
5.Carl Holm
6.Trevor Hischier

1.Blake Howard
2.Nate Tyler
3.Tom Mowry
4.Shea Parton

1.John Paul Taylor
2.Tim Pfannestiel
3.Tom Mowry
4.John Grubbs

Eric Soderquist $50