Volcom VQS Results From San Diego, New York, and New Jersey

The second stop of the Blowfish Surf Series was held at D Street in Encinitas, on October 25, 2003. The waves were a soldi 3-4ft and super clean. The only downfall was the afternoon high tide which made it really closed out and hard to get a wave with an open face. The weather went from sunny and warm to foggy and cool, back and forth like that all day. With 170 competitors showing up to compete, we were in for a long day. The event ended in total darkness.

In the Grom division it was the useual crew hashing it out for the win! Brent Reilly from Carlsbad looked like the kid to beat but the afternoon closeouts got the best of him and he just missed advancing into the finals. Myles Stephens would take the win, with Ryan Burch in second, Morgan Murphy, Jordan Gaudet, Travis Scarbourgh, and Jordan Baroni rounded out the final.

The Juniors division is competitive and full of ego, losing is not an option. Ricky Whitlock would walk away with the win, followed by Shea Yates, Pat Millin, Charley Stevens, Andrew Walker, Brian Burke.

The Pro-Am saw alot of useual suspects as well as some new guys. Chris Strothers would take the win and the $200 bucks in cash! Charley Stevens, Tim Frisk, Toby Ogden, Jason Franco, Zack Sundolnik.





After long await the New York Jellyfish has finally went. On October 19TH the “Boy Wer tha heck are we goin tour” landed in Long Beach, New York for the last stop of the Jellyfish Surf Series. Our well rested crew awoke to very small cold and windy conditions at Lincoln Blvd. Over 50 New Yorkers showed up to take advantage of the tiny surf, for cash and prizes the show must go on.

The groms swarmed around the tent all morning as Shawn”Barney”Barron gave the play by play, promo flew from the tent like the salmon of capistano and the red bull flowed like wine into the stomachs of New York’s best groms, to say the least the kids were stoked! Taking the win and all the bragging rights that go with it was 13 year old TJ Gumiela, right behind him in a close one was Balaram Stack. All of our New York Finalist have earned invites to the 2004 VQS champs.

In the Juniors division we had a heated battle similar to the Black and white Knight VS the Blue Knight at our Medieval Times stop back on the tour (check volcom.com). Richie Bogart stole the show from Jesse Harrington. Harrington displeased with his second place finish chopped Richies’ head off with a battle-ax. Just kidding, they both walked away very happy with there prizes in hand.

The Pro-Am Final was just great! Everyone at the event had his or her eyes on the water as this showdown took place. The waves got a little better, the sun even popped out for a couple minutes. And the winner was Barney! In second was Larry Herric who got his fair share of good ones and in the third spot was local Adam Wagner. Good job guys!

After the event we headed to Unsound surf shop for a little post contest BBQ, the groms ate up all the burgers and chicken we could feed them. Everyone left that evening with a full belly and a fun day of Barneys antics! Thanks again New York! Well be back next year!



1st- TJ Gumiela
2nd- Balaram Stack
3rd- Luke Hamilton
4th- Mike Levitt
5th- Tim Peters
6th — Ryan Miurhead

1st- Richie Bogart
2nd- Jesse Harrington
3rd— Matt Monagan
4th- Peter Pichichero
5th- Matt Carson
6th- Roach

Pro-Am1st- Barney Barron $200
2nd— Larry Herric $50
3rd- Ollie Fajata
4th- Adam Wagner
5th- Dave Juan 6th- Mike Salering

The VQS Jellyfish in Seaside Heights, NJ went off on Saturday October 12th with strong 6-8 foot windy swells. Around 80 kids showed up to the event. The grommets were having a rough time with the swell most of the morning, along with the juniors division. A sketchy paddle through the pier was the easy way out to the line up, as showed by competitors in the Pro/Am division. The waves were big, the weather was crap but it seemed everyone had something to prove and there was money involved, what more do I need to say? Oscar Wright, Barney and our entire East Coast team were on hand to hang out with the kids, judge heats, toss out random promo, and slash some big sloppy peaks.

The Groms had a real tough time but managed to tear apart the smaller inside waves. Taking this years Jellyfish title was 13 yr. old Patrick Schlep and close behind him in second was Roarke Shanni. Big props goes out to the groms for the battle each one of them went through, they all went home happy with homemade trophies from the team and tons of prizes.

The juniors had a little trouble as well but a handful managed to get out the back and pick off a couple bombs. Nick Blunda was no stranger to the big shifty conditions and walked away with the first place trophy. Jesse Harrington took second place and set his sites on the following weeks event in New York. I have a strange feeling he will get second up there as well. Weird.

The Pro-Am was absolutely wonderful. Matt Keenan, Oscar Wright, Barney Barron, Mike Gleason, Sam Hammer, and Drew McCoy were our lucky finalist. That’s a pretty stacked final if you ask me… yea. Well Barney got the wave of the final with 8 & 9’s from the judges but he only got that one wave. Everyone else surfed very solid and from 5th all the way up to 1st was as close as it gets. The winner was MR.Ozzie Wright. Ozzie made the sloppy conditions look almost clean; he surfed stylish and almost graceful with his long round house’s and quick snaps. After the event was over Ozzie and Barney tossed all their contest winnings into the air, the kids were so stoked they started crying. Just joking they were pretty happy.


1st — Patrick Schleep
2nd – Roarke Shanni
3rd – Richie Baiata
4th — Devino Jensen
5th — Chelsea Buruz
6th — Jeff Capon

1st — Nick Blunda
2nd — Jesse Harrington
3rd — Al Pollioni
4th — Ryan Daley
5th — Josh Law
6th — Dalton Johnson

1st — Ozzie Wright
2nd — Sam Hammer
3rd — Mike Gleason
4th — Barney Barron
5th — Matt Keenan
6th — Drew McCoy