Volcom’s Blowfish Surf Series Returns To D St In Encinitas

Volcom Stone Blowfish

D Street Encinitas California
July 19, 2008

July 24, 2008: – –  After a brief hiatus, the Blowfish Surf Series retuned to D street in Encinitas to kick off the season opener. As soon as we pulled up to the beach at 6 a.m., we knew we had made the right call, as empty 3-5 ft peaky A frames came rolling through. With competitors already showing up, we had to set up quick for a full day of debauchery and shredding.

At seven, the first heat of Juniors hit the water and the kids showed us what to expect for the rest of the day. The following divisions did not disappoint with some huge moves coming from everyone. Around mid morning the craziness on the beach really got cranking, with food fights, inflatable animal surfing, and eating contests going on everywhere. It was so fun many of the kids who lost out early hung out just to take part in the mayhem.

Around 4:50, the Girls Final hit the water in some bumpy, but super contestable conditions. They put on quite a show with some huge hacks and gouges rivaling that of the Pro-Am division. Cassidy Wehsner and Elise Peate started out the final with some big turns and huge scores but in the 20 minute final, they both needed 3 big scores and neither was able to find the right waves.

This left the door open for Lauren Sweeney, who quickly took control of the final. She walked away with first place, tons of prizes, and the number one spot in the ratings. Jenny Quam, Darlene Conolly and CJ Soto rounded out the final.

The Groms were up next and put on a show no one wanted to miss. Tommy Wehnener picked off a solid set wave early on and set the standard for the rest of the pack. Kyle Timm and Kyle Marle were quick to answer back with some big scores of their own, but it was Jake Halstead who took the win with a lined up set wave in the dying minutes of the heat. For his shredding, Jake walked away with the win, a sick electric guitar setup, and enough prizes to fill a school bus.

The Grom final must have gotten the Juniors more pumped than an early 90’s Jock Jam CD, because they hit the water firing on all cylinders. Sterling Weatherley started the heat out with a bang, nailing two solid scores, including a huge reverse that was in contention for the Electric volt thrower move of the day. Dale Timm and Ian Garcia felt the pressure and quickly got some scores on the board in an attempt to catch Weatherley.

However, it was Josh Morse’s ability to catch more waves than a Brazilian in a wqs, that nabbed him the best waves of the heat, the win, and a huge backpack full of prizes.

In the Pro-Am division, the competitors put on a mind blowing performance all day, but they really took it to the next level in the final. The final was a solid mix of competitive veterans and some new blood. Austin Sneed looked like a local favorite and definitely had the support on the beach, but failed to find the right waves and fell short in the Final.

Josh Buran nailed a huge frontside air reverse to take the lead early on but Matt McCabe answered back with one of the most mental airs of the event. Unfortunately he failed to ride away clean and couldn’t get the score he needed. Sean Marceron used his competitive prowess to put some pressure on Buran, but Josh quickly answered back with a solid backside wave going straight up at least 6 times on one of the stranger boards anyone had seen ridden in a final.

In the last 5 minutes Drew Irons launched a giant frontside air and Marceron got a solid wave, but neither was enough to overtake Buran. Josh walked away with $500 cash for first place and $50 Electric Volt Thrower of the day

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1. Josh Buran $500
2. Sean Marceron
3. Drew Irons
4. Jeff Lukasik
5. Matt McCabe
6. Austin Sneed

1. Josh Morse
2. Sterling Weatherley
3. Dale Timm
4. Nick Fowler
5. Ian Garcia
6. Nick Rowe

1. Jake Halstead
2. Tommy Mehnener
3. Kyle Marle
4. Kyle Timm
5. Ian Crene
6. Matt Passaguinni

1. Lauren Sweeney
2. Elise Peate
3. Cassidy Wehsner
4. Jenny Quam
5. Darlene Conolly
6. CJ Soto

Electric Volt Thrower
Josh Buran – $50