Volcom’s Jellyfish Surf Series Kicks Off At Narragansett, RI

Volcom Stone’s
Jellyfish Surf Series
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Sunday August 22nd 2004

Well, Well, Well! This past weekend Volcom Stone’s ‘Haul pASS’ tour made a stop in the northeast town of Narragansett, Rhode Island for the second Jellyfish event of the season. We were ready for a long day of surfing, beach games and fun, but never expected 1000 spectators and 108 competitors from the smallest state in the USA. I remember at one point in time during the contest looking at Sean Slater and thinking our heads were going to explode from groms asking more questions than Alex Trabeck from Jeopardy. The waves never really got much over waist high during the day, so naturally the beach games came to play a major roll in the RI event. My favorite was the power-walking contest. We had about 45 kids power walk 1/4 of a mile down the beach and back, so funny! Other games like the push up contest and the 1st annual Volcom dance contest were wonderful games to watch. All in all, everyone had a smiles pasted on their faces. All kinds of promo was tossed from the VQS compound, Pizza and Red Bull for Lunch and tons of talent on the beach made this a day to remember for the whole town of Narragansett, Rhode Island. Here is how it all went down!

The Grom division was packed. 36 kids battled it out for the bags full of goods. Rising to the top was Andrew Barber. The very close second place finisher was Wade Madden, who was just ousted by 1.5 points. Third went to Josh Barber, followed by Rex Mascheroni, Sean Pickell, and Stuart Sheehan, who was forced to miss the final when his dad broke a bone. Get better Dad Sheehan!

The junior division final was a very close heat with first through sixth place only being a 3-point difference. It didn’t really help much that the tide was dropping and it was really hard to get a wave long enough to do a few turns on. The kids did there best to make it work and Andrew Ford came out on top with Brendan Deblois coming in second. The kids went home with tons of goodies and a smile from ear to ear.

The Girls division was on fire!!!!! We had 18 girls sign up for the comp and that set a new Volcom record for ladies in a VQS event. They battled and squatted there way into the final, butt sticking it out and winning was local ripper Jackie Bell. Mercy Reed took second and walked home with a ton of product as well as all our Ladies who graced the final.

The Pro-Am was the last heat of the day and the locals were all on hand to cheer on their favorites. Alex Fawess was near flawless but couldn’t lock down the win, he placed 2nd. Putting it all together to take home the $400 cash prize was two-time Rhode Island Jellyfish winner Greg Levy. Jose Perez slid into third, while Jeff Anthony, Bill Woodward, Jamie Risser finished fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

We would like to thank Tom Hogan from Warm Winds, Sid Abruzzi and all the boys at Water Bros., the town of Narragansett, and Volcom team riders for judging.

Thank you to our sponsors: Body Glove, Red Bull, Da-Kine, Globe, Santa Cruz, Electric, Sector 9, Flatline Skateboards, Vestal, Sun Cure, The Surf Source, Surfer, Surfing, Transworld Surf, Esm, Mundo Rad, Happy Mag.

1.Greg Levy $400
2.Alex Fowess
3.Jose Perez
4.Jeff Anthony
5.Bill Woodward
6.Jamie Risser

1.Andrew Ford
2.Brendan Deblois
3.Drew Simmons
4.Katie Imswiler
5.Mike Simeone
6.Salias Cambell

1.Andrew Barber
2.Wade Madden
3.Josh Barber
4.Rex Mascheroni
5.Sean Pickell
6.Stuart Sheehan

1.Jackie Bell
2.Mercy Reed
3.Katy Weeks
4.Katie Imswiler
5.Diana Bennett
6.Cara Sammartino