Volcom’s Starfish Series In Huntington Beach Kicks Off

vOLCOm Stone’s
Starfish Surf Series
Goldenwest St.
Huntington Beach

GROMS ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Groms showed up in full force for this contest. It was the biggest turn out for Groms in the crustaceous history. The Grom division was filled with 72 competitors, not including the other divisions. The waves weren’t the best since the tide was high most of the afternoon, but it made for Interesting conditions. The 1-3 foot surf was braking like the wedge and causing the surfers to be beached on every wave. Over 150 showed up to compete and here’s is how the finals went down.

The Girls division was patiently waiting for thier chance to compete in the Starfish. When the time came, they were ready to win the bags full of volcom girl’s gear. Little Courtney Conloque had the best waves with some good slashing cutbacks. While it seemed the other girls were just too far behind to catch her. Lidiane Amorim, Sara Taylor, and Katie Doyle, rounded out the top four finalists.

The twelve first round heats of the grom division slowly broke down to the top 6 leaving some familiar groms behind like Andrew Doheny, Brent Reilly, and Kolohe Andino. Quinn McCrystal looked strong through out the day and made a late charge at the end with his backside cutbacks to reach the second place spot in the final. Colton Larson finished in third with a strong eight point score which was the only wave taken from the outside to the shore. It was Taylor Fitzpatrick who dominated the final and took down the mighty grom division. Taylor took home a Santa Cruz skatedeck, a Vestal watch, and a whole backpack filled of prizes.

The junior’s were surfing strong all day but in the end Joey Mungo, Casey Landuogt, and Logan Strook stood above the rest. Joey had a good first wave but couldn’t match Casey’s top three scoring waves. Logan Strook took the final with the highest heat total of the day. Logan had three super strong waves which earned him his first Junior division win, and not to mention the prizes, and a custom made trophy.

The Pro-Am division final was intense because of the four hundred dollars that was on the line. The finalists found ways to rip the shore break, and made it a super competitive final. Brad Edinger and Brandon Tipton surfed good all day but couldn’t match the other finalists top scores. It was a battle at the top between Eri Silva, Luigi Nikaido, and Josh Buran. In the end, Josh Buran ruled the final with his aerial antics and his local knowledge of shorebreak waves. He dominated the final and won the four hundred bucks, a sector nine skateboard, vestal watch, a ton other prizes, and a custom trophy.


Thanks for all of you, who came out and stayed for the long day. A special thanks to Red Bull for supplying six foot long sandwiches. Remember that every result gets you points and closer to the 2005 VQS championships in Newport Beach!!

1. Josh Buran $400.00
2. Eri Silva
3. Luigi Nikaido
4. Ian Calderon
5. Brandon Tipton
6. Brad Edinger

1. Logan Strook
2. Casey Landuogt
3. Joey Mungo
4. Britten Roth
5. Matt Johnson
6. Joe Riggio

1. Taylor Fitzpatrick
2. Quinn Mc Crystal
3. Colton Larson
4. Gabe Garcia
5. Riley Metcalf
6. Keetin Devine

1. Courtney Conloque
2. Lidiane Amorim
3. Sara Taylor
4. Katie Doyle
5. Kirra Kehoe
6. Linsey Brown