Volcom’s VQS Blowfish Event – Oceanside, CA


Carlsbad's Gabe Garcia ripping his way to victory and $500 cash. Photo Courtesy: Kenny Morris

With the sky still pitch black, the tents not even erected and the time showing 5:30 am, we were greeted with trickle of human shadows lining the beach for the first Blowfish event of the year. What we thought was crazy, was really the calm before the storm as 7:00 am hit, we were bombarded with 240 competitors around the tents screaming, yelling and waving their entry forms in the air. The heats filled up quick and so did the lineup as 4-6 foot waves peeling in both directions off South Jetty. It was time to get this thing started with the first heat of Juniors.

All divisions were stacked with stiff competition and made for a great day surfing. Max Doucet cruised through his first heat with a big-ass frontside air and was in the running all day for the Volt Thrower award, until Jake Marshall stuck a mental slobb grab air and took the $50, a pair of shades and the Electric Volt Thrower move of the event. The Groms division saw Kanoa Igarashi edge out Jake Marshall for the Grom win and a heap of prizes along with the new Tony Hawk Shred game! Thorne took out the Juniors Final and earned himself $250 and the Muscle Milk award. In the Girls Division, Chandler Parr scored a grip of goodies, including a sweet beach cruiser for winning the final. In the Pro-Am final, Duran Barr looked to be the local favorite to make it a repeat from last year, but was taken out as Gabe Garcia earned the win, $500 cash and grip of prizes.

Gabe showing off his cash flow.

Gabe showing off his cash flow. Photo Courtesy: Kenny Morris

The Squids are always having a good time.

The Squids are always having a good time. Photo Courtesy: Kenny Morris

The Squids division was so radical that they needed their own paragraph. First things first, a little shout out to the Squids that just missed out on the top six spots. Luke Hix, Tanner Rhodes, Jill Collins, Triston Johnson, Curren Ford, and Eland Hansler, you guys and gals surfed your brains out and are all shredders. Alexis Hix, Brandon Steele, Casey Ford, Ethan Mudge, and Ashton Wright filled out the finalist spots and have a bright future in the sport, but the day belonged to Shane Hardy who took the victory and heap of goodies.

With hacks like this, Kanoa Igarashi took the Groms division.

With hacks like this, Kanoa Igarashi took the Groms division. Photo Courtesy Kenny Morris

The talented finalists

The talented finalists. Photo Courtesy: Kenny Morris


1. Gabe Garcia – $500.00
2. Jeff Lukasik
3. Igor Lunierte
4. Duran Barr
5. Victor Done
6. Joey Coury

1. Jared Thorne – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Brandon Maguso
3. Eli Besser
4. Kyle Timm
5. Logan Laubach
6. Jake Caughill

1. Kanoa Igarashi
2. Jake Marshall
3. Jay Christionson
4. Remi Jubari
5. Joel Btesh
6. Justin Croteau

1. Shane Hardy
2. Ethan Mudge
3. Braeden Steele
4. Ashton Wright
5. Alexis Hix
6. Casey Ford

1. Chandler Parr
2. Kulia Doherty
3. Meah Collins
4. Chelsea Rauhut
5. Samantha Lamisand
6. Joalys Ramos

Electric Volt Thrower
Jake Marshall- $50.00