VQS Championships: Day 1 Photo And Video Highlights

Crustaceans of Metal
Josh Hoyer
Andrew Doheny
Aaron Cormican
Nick Rupp
Kaimana Jaquias
Taylor Curran
Colin Moran
Parker Coffin
Parker Coffin
Jesse Guglielmana
Ryan Croteau
Chase Wilson
VQS Championships
Brian Toth
Rat Boy
VQS Championships
Dylan Goodale
Ryan Carlson
Andrew Doheny
Johnny Craft
Totally Twisted Crustaceans of Metal
Alex Gray
Alex Gray
Twisted Crustaceans of Metal

Day 1 photo and video highlights from the 2011 VQS Championships at 54th Street in Newport Beach, CA. All photos by surfimages.com. Watch the VQS Championships live today at volcom.com.