VQS Greatwhite Series, The Lane, Santa Cruz


Steamer Lane was was the spot for the final Volcom event to take place in Santa Cruz this season. This would mean double the points and the last chance at points for the main event in May at 54th Street in Newport Beach! The Lane provided really clean contestable 4-5 foot surf throughout the day. Tons of competitors showed up and the sun was shining bright and extra sunscreen was needed. A Light southerly wind blew, but mostly glassy conditions blessed this event on a beautiful day.

The day was kicked off with the Grom division. The grom’s have been getting better and better every event! The grom’s had unusually high scores this round but it was Nat Young who would dominated yet another event. He won every heat right through to the final. All the other groms surfed great and are a very promising group of kids!

The Juniors were also a great division to watch, they are booming! They are becoming increasingly exciting to watch as the year goes on and some will be in the Pro-Am division next year. There was a fierce final battle between Nic Lamb, Nick Erickson, Austin Smith-Ford, and Tyler Payne. In the end it was Volcom’s newest prospect Nic Lamb who took number one.

As usual the Pro-Am heats were the ones to watch. Anthony Ruffo came into the finals leading the series but unfortunately lost out in his first heat, but he still should qualify for the Big Show in Newport. Can you believe that Skin-Dog made it to the final? I sure can’t! In the end Rat Boy chewed up Skin-Dog, and Tyler Smith to win the cash. In the end all the guys were stoked.

The Girls division showed some style and grace, and the finals were filled with veteran Lexi Wilson, the Partridge twins, and the newcomer to the VQS series Jody Tucker. Surprising to everyone Lexi Wilson took third while Jody strutted her stuff and came in for the win!

Thanks to everyone who helped with set-up, judging, and take down!

Special thanks to our product sponsors: Spy Optics, Red Bull, Da Kine, Santa Cruz, Vestal Watches, DVS Shoes, Sector 9, Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf, and Happy Magazine.

Thanks to Red Bull for providing lunch for everyone!


1.Jason Collins $400
2.Tyler Smith
3.Ken Collins
4.Jeremy Scribner
5.Joe Hudson
6.Shawn Peterson

1. Nic Lamb
2. Nick Erickson
3. Austin Smith-Ford
4. Tyler Payne
5. TJ Mikus
6. Roy Shaw

1. Nat Young
2. Kyle Theirman
3. Ashton Medley
4. Myles Clanton
5. Nick Alheit
6. Jason Hernandez

1. Jody Tucker
2. Sierra Partridge
3. Lexi Wilson
4. Hailey Partridge