VQS Jellyfish Results

VQS Jellyfish
Long Island, NY

This week we headed to the city that never sleeps. After getting extremely lost on the way up to NY, we finally found our way into long beach. We stayed at the Long Beach Motor Inn and we will never stay there again, turns out we had a couple Rats already staying in our room. It seemed like the trip was strait out of a movie with all the bad luck we had already run into but that was all about to change.

As the sun came up on Sunday morning we headed down to the beach to find a really fun left coming off of the Lincoln Blvd. Jetty. We were met by a slew of smiling groms and parents that we very helpful in getting everything onto the beach. The waves were running about 2-3 with light off shores and a long hollow left for the kids to play with. The comp went off with no problems and everyone was stoked as could be. We ended our trip in the city that night and left for home the next morning. Next weekend is Casino Pier, NJ. I hope everyone from NY can make it down next Saturday. Thanks for everything!

The Grom’s in NY are classic! Balaram Stack, and TJ Gumiella, are two names you will hear a lot of in the future. These kids were unstoppable all day. In the end Balaram took the win over TJ. We thought they were so good that we let them surf in the Pro-Am as well. I was blown away with how good these two have gotten in the past year. They went home happy with tons of goodies!

The Juniors got some really good waves in the final. These perfect lefts kept coming in and Al Polioni was in the right place at the right time. Al took the win over Local Ryan Rochford, and Luke Hamilton, took a close third. Good job fellows, see you next year.

Our Girls winner from Rhode Island Katie Inswiler, came down and took the win here in New York as well! Katie took thing to another level with a handstand at the end of every wave she took off on. Pretty crazy stuff! Victoria Strutterheim took second. The ladies were as happy as can be at the end of the day.

In the Pro-Am it was Clay Poliani with the win! Balaram Stack, and TJ Gumiella, took second and third in the Final. They surfed well but it wasn’t enough to take out Clay Polioni. Clay took home 400.00 in Cash a Gas Mask and a bag full of stuff.

Special thanks to our product sponsors: Red Bull, Body Glove, Electric, Globe, DaKine, Santa Cruz Surfboards, Sector 9, Vestal, Sun Cure, Surfing, Surfer, Happy Mag, ESM, Transworld Surf, and Mundo Rad.

Big Thanks! To the people of Long Beach, New York, Dave Juan, Unsound Surf Shop.


Pro- Am
1.Clay Polioni $400.00
2.TJ Gumiella
3.Balaram Stack
4.Lulin Martinez
5.Brian Sheski
6.Ryan Rochford

1.Al Polioni
2.Ryan Rochford
3.Luke Hamilton
4.Mike O’Conner
5.Matt Carson
6.Jesse Harrington

1.Balaram Stack
2.TJ Gumiella
3.Keith Murphy
4.Nick Menditto
5.Michael Kololyan
6.Zac Coulous

1.Katie Inswiler
2.Victoria Strutterheim
3.Allison Stubbman
4.Cam Levine
5.Summer Trusttam
6.Laura Inswiler