Waikiki and Hawaiian Beach Boys4th Annual Memorial Day Paddle Out

May 30, 2005 (Monday)
I’ll Remember You…
Outside of Canoes at Waikiki

Come paddle out with us on this special day in Memory of our Loved Ones, Ohana,Kupuna and Friends. Spread the word to ohana and friends who no longer reside in the Islands so they may be a part of this memorial. Hawaiians believe life comes from the sea, and by showing up for the paddle out is “Ho’o Pono” (Righteous, Respectful, to behave correctly). “Ua pau, ua hala lakou, a koe no na pua” (they are gone, passed away, and the descendants remain)

“My family (ohana) believes we came from the ocean. And that’s where we’re goingback.”

9:00 AM
Time of remembrance under the “Hawaiian Beach Boys” tents under the banyan tree at Queens. Gather in traditional Beach Boy style of remembering our loved ones who’s ashes are in our moana. View photographs of the many loved ones resting in the moana.You may e-mail a photo in advance (by May 28th, Saturday) or bring a photo (notto be returned) to be mounted on a board with their name. A board will also be available to write the names of loved ones, ohana and friends whose ashes are in the oceans (anywhere in the world). Please feel free to bring any juice, water, coffee, food or danish to share in the morning. (No alcohol at this event please)

10:30 AM
Meet at the Duke Kahanamoku Statue
Pule (Prayer) by: Dennis Sallas
Mele (Song) “Hawai’i Aloha” by: Rudy King Jr.

11:00 AM
Paddle out to the outside break of Canoes with your lei or pua. Surfboards, One Man Canoes, Bodyboards, Paipo or Outrigger Canoes

Noon to 2:00
Potluck, Talk Story, Kani ka pila Time

Willie Grace (808)306-4184