Wake surfing on a toboggan might be a hit trend of summer 2017; video

Labor Day is nearly here, which is the unofficial sign that summer is coming to an end. And while we are certainly not telling you to stop enjoying the remaining days of summer we have left, we are saying that fall is right around the corner.

And with the sun beginning to set on the summer of 2017 it’s appropriate to look at a trend that has bubbled to the surface of the mainstream since mid-July: toboggan wake surfing.

The latest instance is above and comes from Canadian Chris Bear (yes, his last name is Bear and he sorta looks like one). Bear told BuzzFeed Canada, “I grew up at Madge Lake and my friends and I, as long as we've been driving boats, have been coming up with crazy things to pull behind boats.”

Yes, we’ve seen lots of other things ridden behind boats: SUPs, surfboards, rafts, bicycles and pretty much anything you can think of. But toboggans seem to be the newest theme this summer. Take note of another toboggan wake surfer Missy O’Malley.

O’Malley even ditched the tow rope for some free solo-ing toboggan surfing. And like we said, summer isn’t quite over yet, so you’ve still got some time to perfect your own toboggan wake surfing pursuits.

h/t Insidehook

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