The Chris Ward Biography From …Lost

What you’ll see below and on the following pages is a killer project that Joe Alani and the guys at …Lost have been working on for years. The webisodes document and follow the life on longtime team rider and former World Tour surfer Chris Ward, who burst onto the scene as a crazy talented 15-year old from San Clemente. His story since then has many twists and turns, and more valleys than peaks. Tune into the Ward(d) Stories…

Episode 1: The Intro
Some of the world’s best share Wardo stories…or at least the ones they can talk about.

Episode 2: The Formative Years
It’s all fun and games for the 16 year-old surfing phenom until reality hits him square in the face.

Episode 3: Barbados
Barbados with Chris Ward and Mason Ho. Co-starring a few Bajan locals and Josh Kerr.

Episode 4: The Search
Chris scores Woody’s Point with his favorite surfer, Tom Curren, and has windows waxed by butt-hurt locals.

Episode 5: The Tour
Wardo’s peers on the World Tour comment on his competitive “strategy” or lack thereof…