Watch: Surfer proposes to girlfriend while riding tidal bore

An English surf instructor decided to surprise his girlfriend by getting down on one knee and proposing to her while the duo surfed a tidal bore in southwestern England, pulling a ring out of his wetsuit and catching her elated reaction on camera:

Peter Abell, a 32-year-old surfer who runs the Kingsurf Surf School in the English county of Cornwall, brought his girlfriend, 30-year-old Angie de Burgh, to surf the Severn Bore in the Bristol Channel on Sunday.

While de Burgh — who works as a marine biologist — thought it was a routine surf trip, Abell had more grandiose plans.

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As Abell told the Daily Mail, the river bore was the place where the couple’s love flourished.

“We first met at university ten years ago but never did anything about it,” Abell told the Daily Mail. “Then three years ago we crossed paths again while surfing the River Severn. We were just cruising down the river.”

Our special moment captured! Couldn't be more happy (and shocked)! What a proposal Mr @peteabell #engagement

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“I looked to the left and it was Ange,” he continued. “There aren’t that many girls that actually surf the river so it was quite unique … If it wasn’t for surfing the bore there is a good chance we wouldn’t ever be together.”

And that wasn’t the extent of the bore’s sentimental quality for Abell: The surf instructor said that his recently deceased father proposed to his mom on the banks of the River Severn as the tidal bore passed.

“My father sadly passed away three weeks ago, and about two months ago I sat down and talked to him about this proposal idea,” Abell told Gloucestershire Live. “He was so excited and he reminded me that his proposal to my mum was on the banks of the River Severn. Because I talked to him about it, I wanted to carry it on.”

She said yes!

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Luckily for Abell, he managed to balance on one knee after paddling into the bore, and de Burgh said yes to his surprise proposal.

He did note to the Daily Mail that the ring he used for the proposal wasn’t the real ring as he didn’t want to potentially lose a diamond in the surf.

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He saved the real ring for after the two had surfed the bore for about a mile and celebrated at his van with some champagne. Though judging by de Burgh’s Instagram post following his proposal, it doesn’t seem like the prop ring tempered her excitement:

The boy done good!! Time to wash off the muddy river water

A photo posted by Angie de Burgh (@angiedeburgh) on

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