Watch the new Dane Reynolds part from Former’s ‘Premium Violence’

When pro surfer Dane Reynolds releases a new part on the internet, you should drop what you’re doing and watch. And that’s just what you should be doing today, as Reynolds’ brand Former has released his part in their newest offering, “Premium Violence,” and it’s a doozy.

Coordinating capsule releases with video parts, Former has done well to utilize the talents of owners/pro athletes Craig Anderson, Austyn Gillette and Reynolds.

In this “Premium Violence” clip we find Reynolds (and a couple of clips of Craig Anderson) in the situations we’ve come to love his surfing for: heavy barrels, giant airs and muscling the biggest turns one can envision.

Considering Reynolds just had his second and third children (twin girls) and still managed to lead Former’s new capsule and the production of this film says wonders about his abilities in the surf and in the office.

Word is there’s more to come from “Premium Violence” in October, so stay tuned.

Dane Reynolds in the tube.

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