Wave House San Diego Needs Your Flowboarding Photos

Spring has sprung and the fancy of flowboarders around the world has turned to the FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet wave attractions that are switching on around the USA and around the world.

Wave House San Diego are gearing up for a big summer of 2008 and preparing a variety of materials including issue #2 of Flowboarding Magazine – which will have a “Fotos From Flowboarders” section – and also the “Trictionary” – an online glossary of flowboarding tricks and terminology.

The Wave House team recently had a photo shoot at Wave House San Diego and got some cool stuff, but we want to see images from around the United States and around the world: Cool, rad, funny, dorky action photos of you and your friends showing your paces on the FlowRider® and the FlowBarrel®.

If you competed on the 2007 Flow Tour, we would like to see your competition photos, podium photos, party photos.

The better quality the photo, the better chance it has of being used by Wave House in the magazine, or online.

Please send digital images to thebenmalibu@gmail.com. If possible, tell us who is in the photo, where and when the photo was taken and who the photographer was.

High resolution is okay as long as there are only a few of them.

If we like what we see, we will contact you about using them.

If this call for photos works, we will try video clips next.

Thanks for your help.