Wave Riding Vehicles Virginia Beach Wins 4th Annual Outerbanks O’Neill Bragger’s Cup Surf Shop Challenge Presented By TransWorld SURF.

Let’s start a day before the event…

5:00 p.m. May 6th, 2005: A late season nor’easter threatened to cancel the 4th Annual Outerbanks Bragger’s Cup as 70mph winds and torrential rain thrashed the coast. Sure there was 15′ sets on the outer sand bars, but you couldn’t even stand on the beach let alone hold a surfboard for fear of getting blown over. As waves, wind, and water, washed out the roads, all looked dark for the Bragger’s Cup…

7:00 a.m. May 7th, 2005: The morning started off cold and gray but with less wind thankfully, but conditions were still stormy and 10′. Event organizers decided to delay the start of the event until 10:00 a.m. in hopes of cleaner conditions. In years past the problem was waiting for the building swell- this year it was waiting for the swell to drop!

10:00 a.m.: The shop team managers cast a vote to:
1. either hold the contest in storm conditions.
2. cancel the contest or
3. move it to another location in hopes of cleaner conditions.
O’Neill rider and OBBC team member Jesse Hines was the lone warrior who wanted to battle it out in ‘The Perfect Storm’, but all other team captains voted to move the event to the south facing beach of Frisco in hopes of smaller, off-shore conditions. Riders start your engines…we’re driving 2 hours south…

12:30 p.m.: The gamble of the road trip paid off. Solid swells are wrapping around the point at Cape Hatteras and are serving up chest high, sunny, light offshore conditions in Frisco. The challenge is on!!!

12:30 – 4:00 p.m.: The Bragger’s Cup served up a new format for the 2005 Outerbanks event. Teams would now be surfing together and riders were judged on there best single wave for a collective score. Young grom Philip Goold (17th Street Surf Shop Team rider) was surfing way beyond his years. Mike Schirmer (Team Whalebone) for the second year in a row pulled into the barrel of the day and found shade from the Frisco sun. And Noah Snyder (WRV Kitty Hawk) was terrorizing the hollow lefts on his backhand. Right from the beginning though, WRV VB’s so called “dream team of shop employees Wes Laine and Ian Parnell and team riders Ben Bourgeiois and Jeff Myers set the bar with perfect strategy and some serious surfing.

4:00 p.m.: The finals were set with defending champs Whalebone Virginia Beach going against the hungry WRV VB team. Whalebone VB was up first and caught some good waves in the beginning. But midway through their heat a lull set in and solid scores wouldn’t show up for the team until a few minutes remained. So WRV paddled out next and knew that if they had consistent waves to surf, they’d have a shot at the title. Luckily the waves came through for WRV VB and they relentlessly attacked set after set. With a few minutes remaining in WRV VB’s final, Whalebone VB conceded defeat and thus ended a very successful 4th Annual Outerbanks O’Neill Bragger’s Cup Shop Challenge presented by TransWorld SURF.

In the end the Gold Bragger’s Cup found a new home. Wave Riding Vehicles will display it proudly at the Virginia Beach store for 2005 and all other shops will have to wait for the 5th Annual O’Neill Braggers Cup to battle once again in the waters of the Outerbanks. In the meantime… support your local surf shop!!!

Check out oneill.com for more pics and video!