Wavehunters Updates The Status Of Indian Ocean Surf Spots After Tsunami

Dear Surfers and friends,

Our prayers go out to the victims of quake and tsunami ravaged lands and coastlines throughout Southeast Asia.

We have received the following reports regarding Wavehunters operations in the Southeast Asia/Indian Ocean region:

Northern Sumatra:

Hinakos Hideaway- the surf resort at Asu island was evidently spared the full wrath of the tsunamis but severely flooded. The staff evac’d by boat as the water levels began to rise. No assessment yet on the material damage to the resort.

KM Nauli: in port at Sibolga, not effected

Tengirri: not in region at time of quake, okay


Yachts Bintang, Navistar, Mangalui, and Katika were all in Phuket, Thailand at the time of the quake and tsunamis, where they spend the offseason. The boats however were not impacted as they were all in dry dock on the leeward side of the island some 20 feet above sea level. Daryl Robinson, Matt Cruden and Steve Pascoe and crews have all checked in safe despite some very close calls.

Nusantara was in dry dock in Jakarta and not effected by either the quake or the tsunamis. Santa Lusia was in Padang and not effected.


Lohifushi Resort was flooded by the tidal surge but suffered only moderate damage to approximately 1/3 of its rooms. Guests have begun flying out today as air service resumes. Repairs are commencing immediately and the resort is expected to make a full recovery by the start of the upcoming surfing season.

Live-aboard yachts Gaaviyaa, Handhu and Hayveli all OKAY and undamaged.

At this point no Wavehunters tours have been cancelled due to the quake or tsunami and all are planned to operate as scheduled, with the possible exception of Hinako’s Hideaway resort at Asu. To be advised.

Bali/Nusa Tengarra/G-land:

These areas were not effected by the quake or the tsunamis.

For more general info on the catastrophe, see www.cnn.com

For more info on the effects the quake and tsunami could have on surfing areas and breaks throughout Indonesia Click Here

It is believed that the quake may have possibly impacted surfing breaks in Northern Sumatra and the Mentawais and caused uplifting of the ocean floor and reefs which could have radically altered the breaks themselves according to some experts.

This report could have been much different had the quake occured during the peak surfing season for Indonesia and the Maldives. Nonetheless, thousands of souls have perished in the catastrophe and we are humbled by the force of mother nature. We are grateful for all the surfers who were spared either by timing or their good fortune and that this report from Wavehunters at least is positive despite the awesome scope of the catastrophe.