We Need A New Mimi!

The search is on!

[IMAGE 1]Our intern left us. She moved to Europe and married a prince, so now she’s the princess of an obscure small country called Zillig. She’s happy, but we’re not because now we need a new intern. The job pays well, and the benefits are fame, praise, and throngs of young surf guys worshipping your every word. Do you think you have what it takes to fill Mimi’s bikini?

E-mail us a 100k .jpg image (in your best Mimi bikini) and a paragraph about why you should be the next TransWorld SURF Mimi. Good luck.

E-mail entries by March 13, 2001 to:”I’m The New Mimi” byclicking here.

We’ll post entries as they arrive so you can check out your comeptition.

The Next Mimi Is Coming Soon

We know all you jailbirds and juveniles are probably freaking out at the blank space that occupies the spot where once a goddess filled. She’s gone forever and we’re moving on. So hold on to your lotions and soap, because next month is the premiere of our new intern! We scoured colleges and high schools for a perfect intern to help out around the office and learn a little something while doing it. She’s coming, so get ready.

All photos sent become the property of TransWorld Surf magazine.