Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-13-2013

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-13-2013

TWS’ Chris Cote shares his five favorite surf products of the week

Mark Cunningham is my hero, not only for his dolphin-like ability to bodysurf waves as if his body was an actual board, but also because he is a man with a good heart and a soul full of conviction. I want to be like Mark. The problem is he's over six feet tall, slender, strong, has a full head of thick hair, isn't afraid of big waves, and can probably swim 20 miles with ease. I don't have any of these qualities. There are two things I can do to try to be like Mark. One. Wear a black Speedo. Two. Get a set of DaFins swim fins. Like Mark, these fins are soft where they need to be, and strong and firm where it counts. They feel like slippers and unlike other fins, there's no need for fin socks. Besides, if Mark Cunningham likes them, then I do too, and so should you.—Chris Coté

Boardstix Pens
Paint Pens have had a bigger influence on action sports than you may think. In skateboarding, paint pens were first used in late 80s as a way for skaters to decorate and personalize their boring black griptape. In the early 90s, surfing superstars, namely, Kelly Slater, started using paint pens to draw all kinds of quirky pictures on their boards, as well as make bold statements, and give homie shout outs (remember Timmy Curran's big PS boards?). Anyway, in the past, Posca made the pens all the surfers used, but they were hard to find and expensive. Thankfully, the paint pen vibe is back in a big way with surfers like Andrew Doheney, Kid Creature, and Mason Ho putting paint pen to surfboard and getting weird using a new brand of surf-specific paint pens called Boardstix. These pens are packed with vibrant color, they're long lasting, and they're available to all of us. No offense to airbrush artists around the world, but order your next board all white, and get nuts on it with some Boardstix.—CC
$7 each

TransWorld SNOWboarding X New Era
I love camouflage. I love it almost as much as I love Hawaiian print shirts. As you may or may not know, TransWorld SURF shares and office with TransWorld SKATEboarding and TransWorld SNOWboarding—our sister magazines. Anyway, TransWorld SNOWboarding and New Era just came out with some wonderful camouflage hats that are the perfect fit for my head—stoked. I just tore my rotator cuff snowboarding, and I'm pissed off about it. The problem is I can't get mad at anyone but myself cause I was doing a brand of snowboarding oft referred to as "StoopsBoarding"—basically trying shit that I should not be trying and eating shit as a result of it. I'm not mad at snowboarding, I'm mad at myself. I can't snowboard for the rest of the season (probably for the better), but I can enjoy looking at it in TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine, wearing my new camo hat.—CC

ProLite X Kid Creature Collab Traction Pads
I'm buying whatever Kid Creature is selling. Calvin "Kid Creature" Saxton is a self-made surf industry titan who's already a kid-king of the collab game. His bright, colorful, fun, art, and unique art has been seen on Volcom T Shirts, surfboards, and now, on his own line of ProLite traction pads. Kid Creature is rad. He shapes his own boards, he's a prolific hard working grom (very rare these days) and he donates proceeds of everything he does to help fight cystic fibrosis—buy a ProLite Kid Creature pad when they hit the shelf at your local surf shop, do it for the kids, and the kid.—CC

Unsigned Unrest CD Compilation
Unsigned Unrest is a compilation album featuring indie rock bands from all over the place all united together to raise money for a wonderful charity. You should buy this comp for the great music alone. Yes, my band is on it, and this whole review probably seems like a self promotion jerk off, but wait, there are some other bands on here that are worth hearing and 100% of the profit’s made from this album will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, making buying this CD a win-win propositions. Bands include The Howls, The Agony Family, Over It, Neveready, and Socratic, and more, including Kut U Up, a band with a really handsome bass player.—CC