Weekend Tweets From The Pros

Catching up with some of our favorite pros via their Twitter accounts … how else could we know the innermost thoughts Jamie O'Brien, Josh Kerr, Parko, Bobby Martinez, and Mick Fanning had this past weekend?

Bobby Martinez
Bobby805: went surfing at rincon. was a zoo! took the dogs for a long walk. now time to sit on the couch and watch some football

Seeing as how the Oakland Raiders aren’t in the playoffs, who does Bobby root for?

Jamie O'Brien
whoisjob: waiting 4 waves is the only thing worth waiting 4. dont wait 4 her 2 figure u out. dont wait 4 politicians 2 solve problems. wait 4 waves.


whoisjob: my tip of the week. dont put ethanol in ur car. will fuck with ur engine and with the world. corn is 4 eating.

We didn’t insert the one where he says he’s going to Japan to eat some whale…

Ian Walsh
IanWalsh4: just surfed mental waves in the rainforest with only one of my best friends and my brother. a jet ski will take you places you cant drive!

and a bit later from Walshy…

IanWalsh4: buoys outside of hawaii just hit 25 ft 17 sec. i guess it’s on!

Let’s see the footage Walshy!

Josh Kerr
kerr_azy1: How’s this Gt (Giant Trevally) that JS caught today.. Wish I was out there instead I was training?… Why!!!…,


It’s always better to fish or surf than train Kerrsy…nice catch for one of the world’s premiere shapers too.

Jesse Merle Jones
JesseMerleJones: Pulled Scott Aichner out of retirement and he got one of sickest photos of my life!!

Where? Let’s see it bra!

Mick Fanning
Mick_Fanning: just had a fun little surf on the tweed coast. Tried some new DHD’s feeling great

Fanning’s back on the program after a festive beginning to the year.

Joel Parkinson
joelparko: Surfed and trained today, going back to my old life. Got to start somewhere

He forgot to mention that he won the Snapper Club comp at Duranbah.

CJ and Damien Hobgood
hobgoods: Manatee watchin is a sport in FL. http://twitpic.com/x7gzf these animals are NOT smart…



I know your havin this sale gettin rid of everythig but don’t go selling my Trophies @bobby805 and boards in rafters… @thegoods_shop


I guess that’s what you do in Florida when there’s no surf … head west Hobgood’s!

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