Weekly RantNovember 6, 2002


Over the past two years, thousands of loyal surfline.com followers have been logging on three to four times a day to find out when that next big swell is coming to their town. If you live in Southern California, and you’re an online surf watcher, you’ve no doubt heard the predictions of “double-overhead” surf coming next week. The “big swell coming next week” phenomenon has been going on for decades, but now, surfline has fooled everyone into believing, they can actually forecast swells. As thousands of surfers go online to check the waves, they hear the prediction, dust off their boards, and hit the beaches–causing outrageous crowds in shit waves.

The surf cams are a great feature and useful for checking spots, but these false predictions must be stopped. Although false predictions of major swells may sell more wetsuits and surfboards, these ridiculous promises of waves create tension and frustration in lineup. “Is this supposed to be the double-overhead south swell that surfline told me about?” you may be asking yourself as you bob in a flat ocean with two hundred of your closest friends. Bottom line–Web cams good, swell forecast bad. Go check the waves with your own eyes. If it’s not good today, log onto surfline, you can be sure to read there’s a double-overhead swell coming next week!