Welcome To Transworld Surf’s Sixth Volume.

A new “volume” indicates the beginning of a new cover date, as is the case with this magazine, our first of 2004. Some magazines use the first issue of a new volume to improve on what they're doing by making minor changes, others redesign completely. The whole “volume” concept shouldn't matter much to you, the reader–it's little more than an accounting tool, an easier way to order back issues online or sell ad space to potential advertisers. But we're going to take this opportunity, the first issue of our sixth volume, to make a promise to our readership: no matter how hard it's going to be on our cushy lifestyles, we vow to start traveling more.

Are you laughing? Travel more? Like surf-mag people don't travel enough? Hawai'i all winter, Australia in the spring, Indo and Mexico in the summer, South Africa and Europe in the fall, and then back to Hawai'i again. Most people spend years saving and planning to go the places we end up on a whim, so what the hell are we talking about? We mean that in 2004 we won't be simply chasing the WCT around the globe like a bunch of stray dogs following a guy with pockets jammed full of raw meat, we'll be doing some real travel–painful travel–to remote places. We're gonna stow away on freighters in the South Pacific, we're gonna need to know how to properly apply a tourniquet, we're gonna need snow shoes, we're gonna buy enough Deet to bathe in it … we're going Timmy Turner on your asses. And we're also gonna hit all the spots you'd never even think to surf. We'll be lugging board bags around Ethiopia, New York City, Russia, the Amazon … Israel? Sure, why not? Anything for you.

Expensive Indo boat trips are so last year! We're getting in the bush … you have our word.–Joel

The first of many stops this year starts on page XX. Italia! Little cars, hot women, and good waves–you're going to the boot. Ciao.