Well Hey There Summer

Summer officially beings in the Northern Hemisphere today. Surfing and summer have a marriage that goes back to the days when cavemen took three month breaks from hunting prehistoric dinosaurs so they could migrate to the beach and play in the surf and hit on their cavewomen in coconut bikinis.

Sure it's not the best time of the year for surf in most Northern Hemi locations, but it's the vacation, the parties, the heat, the carelessness of youth, and the tiny bikinis on the beach bronzing that exposed skin. Plus there always seems to be a few days of fun, warm barrels to be had. We caught up with five of the most notorious enjoyers of the Northern Hemi's summer to see what they've got planned for the upcoming sunny months.—Ryan Brower


To skip the crowds of inlanders that flock to his home of Newport Beach every summer, jumps to Mexico suit Andrew Doheny well. Photo: Nelly/SPL

To skip the crowds of inlanders that flock to his home of Newport Beach every summer, jumps to Mexico suit Andrew Doheny well. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Summer to Andrew Doheny is…
Fun waves, the sun, cute girls. But I've actually got a girlfriend right now, so we'll see. A lot of kooks, probably take some more trips, too.

Best trip you've been on recently?

I had a lot of fun in Bali. Crowds weren't too bad. And my recent adventures to Mexico were fun, too.

What's the board production look like for this summer?
I'm booked, business is good.

Slobtastical adventures?
Definitely. Just be kids, surf all day, and do fun things. Probably have a few of our own concerts. We usually jam in our house without knowing how to play.

Favorite go-to pick-up line on the beach?
My hair is dirty, let's hang out.


Women's World Tour 2009 Rookie of the Year Coco Ho. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Women's World Tour 2009 Rookie of the Year Coco Ho. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

What's summer mean to Coco Ho?
Summer to me means constant travel! Most of my summer is spent in San Clemente at my 2nd family's-the Andinos-since I was 8 years old. Mentawais, Mexico, and Bali have been pretty frequent stops in the summer for me the past few years and the Huntington Hurley US Open of Surfing usually wraps up my summer then back on the road ‘QSes or WT events.

Biggest thing you're looking forward to in the upcoming months?
This summer is a little different—I just got home from Peru and Brazil, I have two weeks at home then Mentawais again with the Nike 6.0 crew is always amazing. I've never spent two weeks at home in June so this is new to me. I'm looking forward to down time fixing up my new room and hanging with my Aunt who’s here from Colorado. US Open too!!!!

You've got a break from tour and are sitting at seventh currently. How are you feeling about that?
I'm alright with being 7th. I mean it’s not where I’d like to be but with the mistakes I’ve made in a few of my quarterfinals I guess it’s where I belong. I can really improve on catching two good waves. I’ve been in a one solid score rut lately.

What events in the second half of the year are you looking forward to the most?
Portugal will be nice to return to—being my first World Tour win and all. Puerto Rico looks really fun and of course sleeping in my bed and riding my bike to Sunset for the last event of the year will be nice! So pretty much all of them.

How is being a sophomore on tour different from your rookie year?
Hmmm, I want to say less interviews but this year I got swarmed with being on tour with Lee Ann [Curren] interviews and what we think about our dads, etc., etc. So nothing really. Maybe a little more of a target on my head in heats?

Summer is all about beach time, what's the worst pick-up line someone has used on you?
Ummm, all my pick up lines are on twitter if I say something about Beyonce guys are like, “Can I be your Jay-Z?” I thought it was actually kinda witty.


Dion Agius loves the American summers. Photo: Dorsey

Dion Agius loves the American summers. Photo: Dorsey

Will you be enjoying summer in the States at all this year?
Yeah, I'm heading to NYC in a week to post up for 2-3 months over the summer time, cant wait…

What kinds of things do you get into while over here during the summer months?
I've never been in New York for the summer but I'm kinda craving some sexy pool parties and pretty New York babes in bikinis. Just relax and enjoy dodging the Australian winter. Maybe a few little Mexico runs if there's a nice little south running.

Any upcoming concerts/dj parties/club nights you're looking particularly forward to?
Just seeing a lot of bands in general while I'm over there. I know NY has one of the craziest band scenes of anywhere so I cant wait to get to see some of the bands I love that I've never seen play before.

How's the filming coming for the new Globe flick? What can we expect from it?

It's coming along really well. We've only done two trips so far but the thing is looking mental. Joe G has a pretty amazing vision for the whole movie which I think is going to blow peoples minds. I can't wait to see the end result. Should be a fun project to keep working on (check out a sneak peek here).

One of your favorite go-to's for picking up American flesh on the beach?
I'm basically useless when it comes to picking up babes, especially on the beach. But I guess the good ol' Australian accent doesn't hurt… I'll usually just spit as many words as fast as I can with the thickest Australian accent possible and hope for the best. Usually they just have no idea what I just said and I leave them dazed and confused.


Boardies, sun, and a very inviting barrel here for Patrick Gudauskas. Summer at it's finest. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Boardies, sun, and a very inviting barrel here for Patrick Gudauskas. Summer at it's finest. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Your summer looks like…
Well it looks kind of funny. I’ve had a month or so off to kick off my summer. I got to go to Indo for a few weeks, which was absolutely insane—great crew, good waves, and Bintangs. Now I’ve been home training and surfing a ton, getting my feet set at home for a little while is something I don’t get to do a lot so I’m enjoying it. Doing some art, jamming the guitar, working on the house and loving life.

Favorite thing about San Clemente summers?
Best part will be 4th of July. It’s Tanner’s birthday and we’ve been in South Africa for it the last five years. Pretty much every beach rages and girls are out in full effect. So it’ll be a blast to be home for that this year. SC has a good beach scene, so that’s kind of the kick off of that. We’ll be face down in good times.

Two events left before the shrinking on tour. Sitting tied for 28th, how are you feeling about that?
You can start to feel the anxious energy piling up every event amongst the competitors. For myself I don't feel too much stress cause I’m trying not to focus on the results. Just focusing on surfing good and having fun. Without that the results to requalify won’t follow. The next two stops are dream spots for me, so I want to just go out and surf inspired.

Things you need to do to stay on tour for the second half?
I think I need to just have a break through the round of 17. Every heat I’m feeling more confident and comfortable with the format/big names. I'm striving to bust into the quarters and above at both JBay and Teahupoo one heat at a time. For my surfing I’ve been working on the weaknesses and making adjustments for the waves ahead. Also my boards have been harnessing good vibes.

Biggest surprise about tour life so far this rookie year?

I think the down time and amount of time we spend in one place has been most exciting. You don’t feel always on-the-go like the 'QS style. You get to sink your feet in, get the vibe of a place, and surf good waves a lot more. Plus with the down time we can be tourists or surf turkeys (depending on the place and waves). I'm loving that part of the tour.

JBay is coming up next, you ever surf it before?
I’ve never surfed to JBay before. I’m extremely frothy for that event. I watch it every year and drool. I’m headed down about ten days early to post up and learn about the wave and place. And in our offseason we’ve been hitting trips to some right pointbreaks to feel the flow and ride the bull. Tanner and I are also bringing our folks down to Jbay, so that will be cool to have them at a comp with us—they’ve never been to a WT event with us (or without us for that matter). I think it’ll really pump up the jam for our camp.

Okay, so you see three rigs lined up on the beach in San Clemente bronzing and realize they're triplets. How does the Gudang trio go about this interaction?
[laughs] Well that’s interesting. I’m thinking we send Dane in first. Girls love Dane’s mop, so it will be a great ice breaker. He’s like Feral Kingdom meets Neil Young in the 80s. Then T-bone and myself come in swinging froth. It’s probably lights out from there forward.


Evan Geiselman hails from the Sunshine State, so naturally he's adept to all the benefits of summer. Photo: English

Evan Geiselman hails from the Sunshine State, so naturally he's adept to all the benefits of summer. Photo: English

You’re rated number one on the North American Pro Junior tour, how you feeling about that?
Being rated #1 on the Junior ratings right now is great—my goal this year was to make it to the World Junior Championships and I’ve done that. So now I want to finish out on top in the Junior ratings for North America, but the positions that I’m in right now is great.

Smyrna in the summer is like…
The hottest, most humid place ever but its great there are girls all around and the waves are usually small but really fun still. Though the water is uncomfortably hot with tons of sharks around.

Trips planned?
I’ve been based is California now since the Nike 6.0 Pro and recently just got back from a month in Indo and it was awesome! Now there are some comps here in June then I’m just going to be watching when the hurricanes and make sure I’m where the best waves are going to be on the East Coast.

Fishing is great back home right now I can’t wait to get home and fish!!

Best way to pick up some chicks on the beach in Smyrna is…
Driving on the beach and hollering at them and see where it goes.