West coast reacts to XXL waves

Sunday morning met surfers with waves that slammed the coastline, some with heights pushing triple overhead. Thanks to a mega south swell that made landfall over the weekend, waves are averaging 18-30ft in spots. It’s drawing everyone out of their homes and onto the sand to either ride or gape at the glory. Notable breaks like Puerto Escondido and Pascuales in Oaxaca, Mexico and even The Wedge in Southern California are seeing massive spikes both onsite and online.

Mark Healey (barely) survived a giant Puerto barrel.

Many surfers, like Garrett McNamara, flew as fast as they could to meet the madness in Mexico…

And it wasn’t just Puerto, Pascuales was going off as well.

Newport Beach’s The Wedge gifted locals with plenty of giants to ride…

Stephen Kaltenbach taking the drop at wedge. Canon 7d/50mm

A photo posted by Ben Slevin (@benslevin) on

…and take photos of.

If you have a chance to visit #thewedge today, do it. 15-18 feet + occasional 22 foot sets. #VSCOcam

A photo posted by Kohl Crecelius (@kohlgreyson) on

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