What Are You Thankful For? Top Pros Answer…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked some of our favorite pros "What Are You Thankful For?" Some got all sappy and sentimental while others took another route, such as being thankful for boobs, video games, and the fact that no dead bodies were found at Sunset Beach. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!--Your bros at TransWorld SURF

What Are You Thankful For?

Danny Fuller--Pipeline Charger
I'm thankful for everything that I have, health, family, and friends--I couldn't ask for more!

Adrian "Ace" Buchan--Aussie Pro With Stellar Nickname
I'm thankful that I'm about to jump on a plane to Hawaii and go surf good waves and hang with my mates for a month!

Justin Quirk--Has A Dog Named "Taint"
I'm thankful for friends and family, Buccaneer Galley coffee, and a good ol' 6'1" tri fin--not a penis plank.

Flynn Novak--Pipeline Local, Rocky Point Ripper

You know when you have a shitty day, but step back and realize things could be a lot worse? That makes me thankful for my life, friends, where I live, and surfing. I ain't got money in pocket but I'm really thankful for my life.

Randall Paulson--Known To Get The Wave Of The Year At Pipeline
My family and Pipeline.

Lisa Andersen--4X Women's World Champion

I'll go with the obvious or else I'll be in the doghouse so I'm thankful for my husband and my two beautiful children. The list goes on and on!

Kalani Chapman--20 Second Tube Hunter
All the good things in life; my family, surfing for giving me everything I have, friends, my sponsors, Pipeline, big barrels, the ocean, and all the good things in the world.

Mark Healey--Certified Nutcase, Sponsored Spear fisherman
I'm thankful I still have a job and a sponsor! There are a lot of people who've gotten boned in this economy.

Dave Wassel--North Shore Lifeguard, Pro Surfer
I'm thankful there're no dead people on my beach today, still having a job in this economy, and every breath I take.

Tamayo Perry--Hawaiian Tube Slayer
In these times of hardship, I'm thankful to be able to do what I'm doing. I've been getting some barrels so I'm thankful for the motion of the ocean.

Rocky Canon--Teacher, Surfer, Water Patrol, Budding Real Estate Mogul
I'm thankful for my Momma and my savior Jesus. I'm also thankful to be born raised on the North Shore.

Brett Barley--Outer Banks Badass
As cliche an answer as it is, I'm thankful for every day I get! Life’s too unpredictable to take any day for granted. I heard someone talking about how Coco Ho would've been smart to not join the WCT even if she did qualify, and it made me think… Why? You don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow, why not just take advantage of everything you get everyday? That's what I'm doing!

Stephen Koehne--Kauai Pro Surfer
I'm just thankful for all my family and friends, and that my health is as good as it is. I'm also thankful for the sponsors I have that allow me to keep surfing for a living.

Jason Magallenes--NS OG, Pro Surfer

Kawika Stillwell--Cat Like Kauaian
I'm thankful for my surfing talent--I experience my purest moments in the tube.

Holly Beck--Watergirl Extraordinaire
Stretchy warm neoprene.

Jesse Merle Jones--Compact Power Surfer
I'm thankful for growing up in Hawaii. Surfing and living near the ocean is the most amazing thing you could ask for.

Cheyne Magnusson--Ripping 'Ranga
Boobs and Halo 3.

Derek Dunfee--Not A Bird Rock Bandit

I'm so thankful I can surf this winter season because I broke my leg in late June. I'm thankful I can pay my huge hospital bills for my broken leg in small increments. I'm thankful for having such a supportive Mom, girlfriend and family. I'm thankful most of my family and friends still have their jobs. I am thankful there's FINALLY a few big winter storms in the North Pacific. I am thankful SUP'ing hasn't caught on at my local break in La Jolla. I am thankful that George Bush wont be the President of the USA anymore.

Dustin Barca--2009 World Championship Tour Rookie

Damien Hobgood--Once Scored 19.90 Out Of 20 points In A Heat

I’m thankful for my family.

CJ Hobgood--Guy Who Really Liked This Question, 2001 ASP World Champion
What’s the big deal about being thankful? Being thankful is an acknowledgment that God is good and right in how He is running the universe today. Thankfulness allows me to hold my baby girl a little longer before trotting off around the globe. Thankfulness allows me to finish my surf session content and not needing one more wave. Thankfulness lets me enjoy where I live rather than planning my next upgrade. Thankfulness values God and lets Him be God rather than me correcting all that's wrong with the world. I’m Thankful For Jesus And His Father

Strider Wasilewski--Quiksilver Executive, Pro Surfer
I'm thankful for friends, family, surfing, and the one thing I've always asked for--to be happy!

Rochelle Ballard--One Of The Best Female Surfers Ever, Role Model

Living on the North Shore in my beautiful home and being healthy and happy.

Reef McIntosh--Second Reef Pipe Bomb Specialist

I'm thankful for my family, friends, health, girlfriend, football, and Pipeline!

Tommy O'Brien--Cali Rally Champion
I'm thankful for the past, present, future, family, friends, and a good life.

Keala Kennelly--Female Slab Slayer
I'm thankful for my health, family, the fact that I can still score sick waves, the new president seems to be bringing the country together, to David Milch for giving a kid a shot at TV, and to Billabong for letting me live my dreams.

Pat Gudauskas--Boy On The WCT Bubble
At the moment i’m thankful for being in Hawaii. It’s warm, tropical, girls, waves, and good times. I’m thankful for the company I’ve got over here… between my brothers and friends, I couldn't ask for a better place to be. I’m also thankful for Foodland, and their supply of 24 ounce tall cool Budweisers. I’m thankful for some tunnel vision and good vibes. I'm thankful for eating too much on Thanksgiving day… I love to eat.

Mikala Jones--World Traveler, Dad
I’m thankful for my family, friends, and scoring good waves.

Dane Ward--Lives With 8 Dudes In San Clemente

I’m thankful for my mustache.