What Really Went Wrong With …Lost?

Wild in the streets, running running. Wild in the streets, running running.The Decline

These words that blare from the intro to …Lost’s classic film The Decline (my personal favorite …Lost flick) sum up the hellbent crew pretty well. Those years from 1993-1999 …Lost knocked the standard surf movie square on it’s ass. Party, surf hard, nail chicks, get f—ked up, and above all, have fun was what …Lost quickly established as their prerogative. They were the anti-everything, led a ‘fish revolution’ before anyone even thought about it (5’5″ x 19 1/4″), and set the bar for surf movie raging that still attempts to be met to this day.


…Lost has put together a best of from the years of 1993-1999 which is a selection of the best segments and assorted highlights from the first seven movies. It features over one hour of never before seen bonus section buffoonery including “A day in the life of The …Lost House.” We’ll basically be getting a voyeuristic look at the deviated minds of the …Lost crew. As Cormican puts it at the end of the above teaser, “What really went wrong? Alot.”

…Lost will be doing screenings of the new flick, What Really Went Wrong, this weekend in Florida (see the flyers below). And the upcoming February issue of TransWorld SURF features an attempt to delve even deeper into this paradoxical madness. If you’re in the Florida area this weekend head to the premieres, you won’t be disappointed. And make sure to pick up the February issue of TransWorld SURF to get the full story, which hits newsstands 12/15/09. For more info on the premier parties, head to Lostenterprises.com.