What The Hell Is Going On With The Red Tide?

I’ve heard it all now.

“It’s a natural occurrence.

“It’s unharmful to humans.

“It’s so pretty at night.

Yeah, right. I’m so sick of perky news-anchors telling me the glowing, alien-like water is “pretty. See it once, no need to see it again.

Unharmful to humans?

Says who?

Says public officials who are more wary of losing tourist dollars than public health. I’ve heard of stomachaches, urinary tract infections, sore throats, burning eyeballs, and one unfortunate dude who’s been pissing blood. Along with a co-worker, I’ve been having a stabbing pain in my guts that just happened to start after accidentally swallowing water while surfing Oceanside Pier at lunch.

The red tide, which has been around Southern California for nearly two months, doesn’t seem to be letting up, and many old timers are claiming it’s the longest they’ve ever seen it hang around. “How long has it been here now? asks lifelong surfer Kevin Muir, 53 of Leucadia, CA. “Seems like two months. I’ve never seen a red tide hang around here for so long. Must be from all the shit in the water.

Nobody seems to have an answer as to when the slimy and stinky shit will go away. Everyday, the red tide comes and goes, at times heavier than others. One day, it’s O’side looking toxic, the next Encinitas. Lowers had it during the Nationals and Huntington Beach was red during the recent USA Surfing Championships.

And it’s not just surfing that’s been suffering–the fishing sucks right now! I spent an entire day fishing in Carlsbad and didn’t have one bite. I should have figured that out though–how can a fish see a lure when the visibility is nil?

Sorry to whine, but this red tide shit is really frustrating, and contrary to what our elected officials are telling us–possibly harmful to humans.

To hear from more people who are ranting about red tide, go to: www.redtidealert.com

Additionally, if anyone has a qualified response, feel free to email me at jcote@twsnet.com.