What’s In Barney’s iPod?

Ribsey’s Nickel Ribsey’s Nickel

Beer Tractor Beer Tractor

Automatic Animal (formerly Herbert) Automatic Animal

The Line Monsters We Breed

ASG The Amplification Of Self Gratification

Madonna Like A Virgin

Danzig Danzig

Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies

Blondie The Best Of Blondie

Scorpions Greatest Hits

Metallica Ride The Lightning

Mock Mock

2Pac All Eyez On Me

Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78

Ween The Mollusk

Goons Of Doom Goons Of Doom

Enya Enya

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Alone In Iz World

Hot Snakes

Audit In Progress


Gar Wood, John Ries, Rick Froberg, and Mario Rubalcaba are Hot Snakes. Audit In Progress is the third Hot Snakes album (but the first with Mario on drums). This is one of the best bands you’ll ever hear. Why? Because the band members have a past history of rocking with some of the best bands in the world including Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Tanner, and Earthless. There’s a bottom line here-get this ripper of a disc. Not only will it be your new favorite rock album, you’ll even buy the shirts and pins-they’re that good.

Engine Down

Engine Down


I really love this band. It falls into the emo category, but Engine Down much better than the millions of other wussies who fill that genre. E.D. has the power of Sparta, and the guts of Thrice, but it’s vocal style is way better than most of the bands in their class. Guess what-no screamo here! Just pure indie-rock with actual singing that fits the music perfectly. This album is better than the band’s prior album, which is a great feat in itself.


San Francisco’s STILL Doomed


Crime’s first release was in 1976. The band rocked back then and it rocks right now. The Swami used his amazing powers of intuition to release this trashy-punk-rock band on CD format. Crime had the habit of wearing regulation police uniforms at shows, and the band made enemies out of the trendy SF punk scenesters causing a virtual blackball of Crime’s ass-kicking rock music. All the songs on this disc were recorded pre-1980 and have a real sense of raw rock. “Listening to Crime is like getting pissed on by Elvis,” says Swami John, and it’s true. Think Testors, Johnny Thunders, and rocking in the garage.


Things Are Strange

Vice records

Rock is in a very good place right now. Rock lovers used to have to search high and low for something worth listening to, while now we have truckloads of shit that rips. Panthers is the sort of band a rock lovers will be hyped on because it’s wild, rampant, and good music to get really f-ked up to. Panthers will be big soon enough, as the band’s in the “in crowd” and will be swooped up by eager ears any second now. A solid mix of Les Savy Fav, The Walkmen, and … And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead. This album packs in some serious guitar-smashing epics, so be ready. Things Are Strange is an album that’s about to mess you up-go get it now.

Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters


This band’s probably all over the radio and MTV by now-but if not, it will be soon. The members of the Scissor Sisters are not afraid to say they’re gay, and they make music that makes you feel gay. The band is gay as in homosexual, but the music they play will make you feel gay as in happy. Super-danceable, fun, sometimes disco-ish, late-night, get-freaky music is what you’ll hear on this highly anticipated debut album. Their sound is like Elton John meets George Michael with a dash of Jamiroqai. Don’t be afraid to be a little gay, even if you aren’t.


Black Holes In The Sand


You could and might describe this haunting band’s music as an indie-rock Simon and Garfunkel. I could and might agree with that statement, but I would also have to say the band has a sound reminiscent of Shipping News or Elliott Smith. Yes, the disc is dark and dreamy, but it’s also beautiful. Black Holes In The Sand is the perfect soundtrack for making art by candlelight, rainy mornings, or chill nights with red wine and a good book.

Reeve Oliver

Reeve Oliver

The Militia Group

Reeve Oliver will be the next San Diego band to hit it big. You heard it hear first in TransWorld SURF. This self-titled release is Reeve Oliver’s track to fame and fortune with the medium-sized, but still punk label The Militia Group. Reeve plays straightforward pop rock that sounds great in any situation. All the songs on this disc are super radio hit-worthy and you can bet that young girls everywhere will be fawning over Reeve’s singer/guitarist Sean O’Donnell and of course the lovable O (singer of Fluf). If you like The Lemonheads, Switchfoot, or Weezer-you’ll like Reeve Oliver. Go buy this CD and be amazed.


“A Day In The Life … “

Matt Gye, Shagga, Rick Jackovich

I got this movie right before going on a boat trip with (get ready for some bragging) Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, C.J. Hobgood, and Dane Reynolds. We had a video premiere on the second night of the trip and needless to say, “A Day In The Life … ” stayed in the DVD player for the remainder of our trip. Pro surfers are harsh critics when it comes to videos, and they all were freaking on this one. I’d have to agree with them and go ahead to say that “A Day In The Life … ” is one of the most original, action-packed, and complete surf videos released in a long time. From the biggest barrels you’ll ever see to the biggest airs, this flick has it all (even a Metallica surf segment)-a definite must-have.

Raising The Bar

Double Vision Films

Jeff Doner has raised the bar and produced an action-packed, amped-up, sometimes scary, and overall cool video that spotlights some of the world’s best surfers on the world tour, The Pipeline Posse, and the best Hawai’ian talent in crazy waves. Andy Irons is a standout in this one (of course he is), and his section alone is worth the price of admission. Bruce has a banger section, the opening is dope, and the music is new and fits the movie well. There you go, another Double Vision film that rips.

Ramones Raw

Image Entertainment

This DVD is the definitive Ramones DVD. It contains over five hours of material, but what does that matter-it’s the Ramones, you shits. This DVD is long overdue, and once you get your hands and eyes on it, you’re gonna be throwing on the leather jackets, yelling, “Hey, ho! Let’s go!”

Transmitting Live

Fisheye Films

This video caught me by surprise. The cover looked strikingly familiar to Momentum: Under The Influence, which made me worry, but as soon as the movie started I was pleased. Getting exclusive footage of the world’s best surfers is a very daunting task, but this video has it. Mike Losness has a standout section. He’s loose, ripping, and very futuristic. Andy Irons has some secret footage pulled from the sky of Tavarua that’s great. Wardo, Tim Curran, Dorian, Pat O’Connell, Slater, and Jaime O’Brien all have amping sections as well. Transmitting Live is a solid video and definitely worth checking out.