What’s in Damien Hobgood’s Beatbox? , 4.5

Dave Matthews Band-Everyday
Get Up Kids-Something To Write Home About
Tracy Chapman-Telling Stories
Social Distortion-Live
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits

When Do We Start Fighting…
Nettwerk America
Seafood is a great band; Emotional, driving, different, and highly enjoyable. A smooth blend of emo-feeling and indie-rocking-Seafood should be a fixture in your record collection. The singer has a Sunny Day Real Estate vibe, while the music is clean and powerful. Tracks 2 and 3 will rule you and force youo to push repeat a few times. If you’re a fan of The Shins or Ash, then get on the Seafood bus and eat it up.-Jake Stenson

Modey Lemon
A-F Records
Modey Lemon is two guys rocking hard. This disc is a mid-fi (the sound is still low-fi but a little bit better). These two guys are jamming out some hard punk/garage that will make you blast your stereo and possibly even jump around with your Chuck Taylors on. If you like The White Stripes or MC5, get up on this disc and get up on this hard rock.-J.S.

Lee Burridge
Global Underground
By the time you read this, Lee Burridge will already be out of the States. He would have already rocked a crowd of thousands at the mega L.A. club Spundae, leaving the crowd pondering who this young man is. Lee is this year’s most influential DJ, hailed by fellow DJs like Sasha and Digweed. His crossover between house, breaks, progressive, and techno combines seamlessly during this two-hour double-CD compilation. A must-have for anyone interested in dabbling into house music.-Pete Taras

BYO Split Series Volume 3
BYO Records
Rancid doing NOFX, NOFX doing Rancid-what a great world we live in. This is a must for any fan of either band because they both do each other’s songs justice, and it’s refreshing to hear their takes on these punk classics. Rancid’s cover of “Stickin’ In My Eye” is a ripper. Why not get this CD and blast it for your neighbors, parents, pets, and friends? Both these band still blast out the one-two punk power, so f-k it! Oi!-Glenn Dansington

Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere
Tiger Style
764-Hero is in the crew of ultra-hip and cool indie-rock bands like Modest Mouse and Built To Spill. They have a really clean and refined sound that is very easy to listen to and runs smoothly from beginning to end. On this latest record they are less loud and crunchy, but still jamming. John Atkins’ vocals are intimate and real, while the guitars, bass, and drums perfectly mesh into indie gold.-C.C.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
“Lift yr. Skinny fists like antennas to heaven!”
When putting one of the two discs included in this double set, be prepared to venture into some serious territory. Swirling soundscapes and deep melodic grooves pound into your head and heart as you voyage deeper into the world of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Amazing, intricate, and brain-warping are ways to describe this disc. If you’re a listener of Tortoise, Spiritualized, or a supercharged version of Tristeza, you will be a follower of Godspeed. -C.C.