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G. Love And Jack Johnson Thicker Than Water Soundtrack    

Mason Jennings Use Your Voice

Jon Swift Coming And Going

Beck Mutations    

Ben Harper With My Own Two Hands (UK Single)

Bob Marley Songs Of Freedom #3              

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland

Band Of Gypsys Band Of Gypsys    

Bad Religion Against The Grain    

Kings Of Convenience Versus    

Manu Chao Clandestino

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold As Love

Mississippi John Hurt Best Of    

Pearl Jam Off He Goes (Single)    

Ry Cooder And Vishwa Mohan Bhatt A Meeting By The River    

Violent Femmes Violent Femmes

Concrete Blonde Still In Hollywood

Donavon Frankenreiter Donavon Frankenreiter         

Jeff Buckley Grace              

Jack Johnson On And On …    


It's All Around You

Thrill Jockey

Almost ten years ago, I heard the first self-titled Tortoise album and was absolutely blown away. Now, a decade and six albums later, Tortoise still blows my mind with its beautiful arrangements, technical genius, and lush orchestrations. It's All Around You is easily on par with every Tortoise release before it. The first guitar line draws the listener in, and the surrounding instruments quickly engulf your senses. Some outstanding tracks are “It's All Around You,” “Dot/Eyes,” and “On The Chin.” But as a whole, this album is amazing–beauty in music.

Trans Am


Thrill Jockey

Trans Am lives in a world where man and machine coexist in harmony. The band is comprised of three cyborg/humans, who have complete control over the instruments they have acquired. This latest release is purely awesome, as it should be–Trans Am is the official band of TransWorld SURF magazine. The drumming on Liberation is amazing, the guitars and bass are genius, and the keyboard/vocoder action is mind-blowing. This is the best Trans Am release in years. “Music For Dogs” and “Remote Control” are two standout 80s-style tracks, while “Idea Machine” and “Total Information Awareness” are the rockers. Trans Am versus George Bush? Bush loses. You'll know when you buy this album, and buy it you will.

The Sultans



Straight-up rock and roll is what you're gonna get when you crank up The Sultans' latest release. The frontman, Slasher, takes on singing and guitar slinging for The Sultans and does a fine job of it. You may recognize his raspy tone from the legendary rock band Rocket From The Crypt. Slasher is joined by Black Velvet on bass, and Tony Diprima on drums–an all-star lineup, indeed. Check out The Sultans if you want to be a rocker, and if you don't–go ahead, be a baby.

The Cooper Temple Clause

Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose


File this disc under “the next big thing.” The Cooper Temple Clause deserves that claim, because they f–king rip. They sound like the hard-rocking bits of Oasis mixed with the rawness of The Vines, and dare I say hints of Radiohead. These Bts know how to rock, but they also know how to roll with ambient, flowing interludes leading to ear-blasting crescendos. Songs range from beautiful to heavy, and all fall into the category of amazing.


City Strollin EP

Elf Magic

Yovee is a band that will tug at your heartstrings and make you want to pack your shit and hitchhike far away from home. The band has its collective head in the clouds of the 70s with feet planted firmly in 2004. The songs explain in perfect visual sense nights spent drinking, walking, wasting away, and the days following those nights. Echoes of Pinback, American Analog Set, and Elliott Smith can be heard in the underlying tones of the music, but again, Yovee is its own vessel. If you like lush acoustic music backed by subtle walls of beautiful sound, you'd better check Yovee out–you will be moved.

Blonde Redhead

Misery Is A Butterfly


If you liked the five prior Blonde Redhead albums, you'll be in love with this one. The band has taken steps to grow in their music, and it shows with gorgeous orchestrations on “Maddening Cloud,” “Falling Man,” and “Elephant Woman.” These particular songs sound very European and could be a great soundtrack to a film noir about a beautiful diamond thief who falls in love with an enemy. With this amazing release, Blonde Redhead continues to be a incredibly original band in a sea of conformity.

Victim Of A Modern Age

Channels Like Capillaries

Universal Warning

Good indie rock is hard to find. There're 50-million bands out there playing a lot of similar music. Victim Of A Modern Age stands out from the pack with a tight rocking sound reminiscent of Sparta, Braid, and No Knife. This band may surprise you with quick changes, strong drumming, and solid singing.

The Black Heart Procession + Solbakken

In The Fishtank 11


The In The Fishtank series is an ongoing project by an independent music distributor in the Netherlands. They pair bands up with each other and record what happens. In this episode, Black Heart Procession teams up with Dutch prog-rockers Solbakken for two days in the studio. What came out was amazing. Basically, it sounds like a new Black Heart record with the added beauty of a female singer and more depth. This is a must-have for any fan of Three Mile Pilot, The Tindersticks, or any dark, moody music.


Wanderjahr: The Margo Project

Justin Gane Productions

Margo is known as a pioneer in the surfing world. He was one of the first guys to flip the bird to the contest circuit and throw away the jersey forever. He was one of our sports' first, well-paid “freesurfers.” In this documentary feature, you'll travel alongside Margo on his travels around the world. A life with no pressure, no timers, and no points–just flat-out ripping. He could be a world title contender, but he chooses the other road, and his path is followed by the likes of Rasta, Ozzy, The Malloys, etc. Wanderjahr is an amazing film–watch it and wish you surfed like Margo.

Stepping Stones

Billabong/Bali Strickland

As we all know, Australia has a talent pool as deep as the Dead Sea. Stepping Stones proves this by spotlighting Oz's best ams. Shaun Cansdell, Bede Durbidge, Luke Dorrington, and some new little rippers blow it up all over the place. Come on, American ams, let's get in the water and start catching up.


MTX Mototrax


Just like a good game should, MTX draws you in and keeps you playing even though you want to go make out with your chick. Good racing action, challenging missions, and great music make this the best moto game yet. Buy it, and blister your thumbs.

, challenging missions, and great music make this the best moto game yet. Buy it, and blister your thumbs.