Where Has Your (Yoga) Mat Taken You Recently?

How the newest yoga and surf retreat can transform you inside and out

Margaret River, WA. (March 15, 2005) – Australia is considered the last blue water paradise, but few of the time – taxed, hard-working Aussies take advantage of that natural beauty. That’s all about to change with the advent of Samudra — the newest breed of eco-adventure retreats that stokes the muscles and strokes the soul. The word Samudra is a Sanskrit term which means “ocean, pretty apropos for two yogi-surfer-businessmen who conceived of the rejuvenation-oriented retreats, using Margaret River as their home base, but extending trips to other tropical climates with good surf including Brazil, Byron Bay and Mexico.

Sheridan Hammond, Samudra’s co-founder, describes Samudra’s offering as a refreshing change. “Working people, yoga students, and adventure seekers alike want more than a consumerism-driven vacation; they want time away to rejuvenate in the great outdoors while replenishing themselves inside, the greater indoors. We’ve borrowed the two best practices for just that — yoga and surfing.

For a small retreat start-up, the two founders, Sheridan Hammond and Justin Wallace, are savvy marketers to their target 20-to-50 something audience looking for a healthful, meaningful refuge from the monotony of the office or the banality of the four walls anywhere. Their recently launched advert displays a youthful female bikini-clad surf diva paddling away from the viewer with a caption, “Dear John, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. You see, I’ve been practicing yoga and surfing and have realized that there’s so much more to life. Take good care, Jane

With a professional staff of seven, including four yoga teachers certified through Yoga Alliance International, and three qualified surf instructors, the team is well equipped in skill base, credentials, and good humor to make your trip a rich and safe learning experience. The spring retreat schedule offers several options in Byron Bay in late April and May, then to Brazil in July. Tough life, huh, guys?

The I-can’t-touch-my-toes question. According to Samudra’s co-founder Justin Wallace, “Samudra is for everyone from beginning yoga & surf students to advanced practitioners, including old-timers like Me., Hardly old! Samudra is definitely committed to taking you on a meaningful and healthful adventure.

Samudra leads professionally facilitated surf and yoga retreats in magnificent ocean settings around the world. Visit http://www.samudra.com.au for more information.

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