Where’s Wardo?

Rusty is going to be making a new video documenting the worldwide travels of Chris Ward that plays off the popular Where’s Waldo comic, announced Rusty’s Director of Marketing Bill Holford at the Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida. The video will release in September and will be filmed during Chris Ward’s travels to such places as Hawaii, Tahiti, and Mexico.

“We’re going to do a whole campaign around this,” says Holford. “This plays right along with Chris’ M.O.” The campaign will include regular updates on Rusty’s internet site that will have maps of where Ward has traveled to and will let readers track his journeys. The film will also highlight other people that Ward surfs with along each trip.

The project started in January, and sources close to Ward’s travel agent say that he’ll be at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic in February and will visit Rusty’s newest team addition Flea while in town. Then in March he’ll be hanging with the Hobgoods who plan on traveling to Tavarua and Fiji.

– John Stouffer, reporting from the Surf Expo show in Orlando, Florida