Which Craft?: If variety is the spice of life, then Dave Rastovich’s surfboard salad is inspiration for us all.

Rasta's funked-up options. What would you choose? Photo: Hilton Dawe

1. 6'2″ standard thruster shape, hewn from extruded styrene and finished in red cedar. “No toxic resins, and the extruded styrene foam is what all the fridge companies use because it's recyclable,” says Rasta. “No CFCs.”

2. 6'0″ single fin shaped by Dick Van Stralaan. Super-flat rocker, straight outline, and looking a bit like a coffin lid, this model rips in a straight line.

3. 6'10″ thruster shaped by Chris Garrett. Looks like a normal board, to which Rasta responds cryptically: “Normal? There's no such thing.” He then mentions something about a tree falling in the forest. But what the hell, compared to the rest, we're calling this one normal.

4. “Five-foot something” extruded styrene, carbon-fiber fish shaped by Rich Pavel. “Concave deck and concave bottom,” explains Rasta, “which makes it thinner in the middle.” The effect? The board actually twists as it's being surfed! Rasta adds, “I just had it fixed because it twisted so much it split.”

5. 9'6″ super gun shaped by Rod Morgan. “Epic balanced rocker and weight,” Rasta says.

6. 5'5″ aluminum pocket-rocket thruster shaped by Dick Van Stralaan. Aluminum? Yep, vacuum-bagged to the foam, stringerless, and stronger than f–k. Rasta turned it over, stood on it, and it didn't even bend. “I ran into Jack McCoy's massive camera, and it didn't even ding,” he boasts proudly.

7. 6'10″ gun shaped by Chris Garrett and finished in cedar. Another eco-friendly job, and like the 6'2″, tough as nails.

8. Pocket rocket shaped by Dick Van Stralaan, covered in a bamboo mat. Just like the mats you sit on at the beach, then sealed with conventional polyester resin. “I think there's only one other in existence,” says Rasta.

9. Replica of Martin Potter's '81 twin fin shaped by Spider Murphy. “You can see why Pottz was so fast and aggressive back then,” says Rasta. “This thing just motors.” Perfect for two-foot and under surf.