Who’s the new champ?

Who cares who the leader is on the WCT? We want to know who’s leading in the TransWorld SURF Business ‘Exposure-o-meter’. In the last issue Bruce Irons took it hands down with 10,000 points, followed by Kai Henry and Gavin Beschen at around 4,000. This edition’s results come from TransWorld SURF‘s Justin Postin cover, Surfer‘s Robin Stockwell cover, Surfing‘s Shea Lopez cover, and Surfing Girl‘s (Surfing supplement) Megan Abubo cover. As you can see, it wasn’t a one-horse race this time.

To determine our winner, the tabulators assigned the following point values for each of the photos: cover, 2000 points; poster, 2000 points; full-page photo, 500 points; half-page photo 250 points; half-page sequence, 200; quarter-page photo, 125; less than quarter page, 100; mug or personality shot, 100.

Flea Virostko 3700

Bruce Irons 3225

Chris Ward 3200

Cory Lopez 3200

Megan Abubo 2375

Taylor Knox 2150

Robin Stockwell 2000

Justin Poston 2000

Malia Jones 1950

Shane Dorian 1900

Rob Machado 1875

Andy Irons 1725

Frieda Zamba 1625

Sunny Garcia 1500