Why Bali’s off-season may be better than we thought

The island of Bali in Indonesia has been a mecca to the surfing world for some time now, and as is the case with most idyllic surfing destinations–like Hawaii’s North Shore, Mexico’s Puerto Escondido, or Tahiti’s Teahupoo–the assumption is that Bali is seasonal, only providing excellent surf during part of the year.

Bali has two distinct seasons. The dry season runs from June through October, when good waves and weather lure hordes of traveling surfers to sample the waves and European tourist gals. And the other half of the year is known as the wet season, signified by rainy days and a notable lack of visitors.

The truth of the matter is Bali gets bombarded by swell year-round, thanks to one of the most consistently active swell windows on earth: the east Indian Ocean. And if you can negotiate the change in wind direction brought on by the monsoons, perfect waves can be found with much smaller crowds. Within this post are three bits of video evidence, all filmed over the past month, showing a couple of Bali’s finest surfers enjoying their “off-season.”