William Wordsworth: Pipe Dreams Review

18 Century poet William Wordsworth walked through the forest composing poetry as he walked through the forest formulating his autobiographical epic The Prelude. Slater one upped him by telling his story from the tube er, rather the pipe. Though its not poetry, Kelly gives an interesting overview of his life and thoughts from each time period of his life beginning from hairy infancy through hairy drops at Mav’s to stories about Pam Anderson and 6 world titles. (Hopefully soon to be seven.) Just a nice trip down his path with the view from those intense eyes of his. The book is distinctly an overview rarely getting too intimate or too broad or gritty. A great book for those young surfers who weren’t around when The Champ was rising to his throne. The Acknowledgements section is especially interesting and funny. Good photos and large print make it a quick worthwhile read.