Win A Free Custom Biofoam Surfboard On Rerip.Com

This month is giving away a custom Bio-Foam surfboard. Just visit the site, enter your name and email address then you will be entered to win. The drawing will be held at the end of May so sign up now.

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June’s winner will get a used Rusty surfboard from pro surfer Nate Yeoman’s. and Homeblown US have teamed up once again to promote sustainability in surfing by offering a free custom board to one lucky winner. The board will be made with Biofoam which is the most sustainable foam on the market. The winner will choose any shape and size board they prefer. Long time shaper and Homeblown US owner, Ned McMahon will craft it to your specs.

MORE NEWS is currently working on a project so surfers can recycle their old boards. The boards will be turned into cement, insulation, tables, benches, roofing and art. Stay tuned for more information about how you can donate.

ABOUT RERIP.COM is a venue for people to buy and sell used surf, snow and skate gear. It allows surfers to easily search and browse for gear, post free ads to sell your gear, as well as learn about companies who are considering the environmental and social implications of making new products.

Biofoam uses almost 50% soy oils blended with MDI polyurethane, a non-carcinogenic alternative to TDI polyurethane. The Biofoam factory is extremely environmentally conscious as the foam mix is precisely poured with advanced technology for the least amount of waste possible. The team is constantly experimenting with ways to make the foam even cleaner and stronger. Ask for it from your local shaper or get your hands on it yourself through

is a resource created out of love for our natural resources for the benefit of those who love to ride the ocean, snow, and land. The goal is to provide an opportunity for individuals to reuse and re-ride equipment, while promoting awareness of the need to reduce our collective footprint on the world. Reduce. Reuse. Reride. Rip on…

Lisa Randall and Meghan Dambacher, co-founders of, are residents of North County San Diego and avid surfers. While spending time together conversing over mediocre waves at pillbox, strong coffee, and weak beer, was created. Both water lovers and active individuals, Meghan and Lisa sought to do something more forthe environment than they could through their current efforts organizing beach cleanups and recycling. Aware of the amount of energy and waste involved in creating new ripping equipment, they knew there had to be a way to link the thousands of perfectly good boards sitting unused in garages all over the globe to individuals looking for “new”equipment.