Win A Jordy Smith Signature Package

Here’s your chance to score big and take home a complete Jordy Smith package, with the introduction of O’Neill’s SuperFreak/RuONE “State of Mind” on-line contest. Here’s how it works. John Q Public (the participant) is summoned to showcase their creativity by downloading the SuperFreak/ RuOne creative from the O’Neill website. From there it is in their hands to get crazy and to do whatever hell they feel like to have fun and create a buzz. The idea being that they can plaster this bad boy wherever they feel they need to see the iconic image of Jack O’Neill.

So when the participant has found the coolest most creative placing of the SuperFreak/RuOne creative they then take a picture of it and submit the photograph to enter to win. Whoever is able to come up with the best placement of this masterpiece is deemed the winner. It’s that simple.

The event will take place from April 1st through June 31st and every two weeks there will be deemed a winner who will receive a free SuperFreak boardshort. Each one of these winners will be placed in the overall final at the completion of the contest. At the end of the contest surfing phenom Jordy Smith will review and personally hand pick the grand prize winner who will receive a brand new autographed Jordy Smith surfboard, signature boardshort, along with a bountiful apparel package.

Where do your loyalties lie? Are you down for the cause of the original surf brand that has been keeping you warm in the water and building the freshest apparel for you after you’re surfing exploits? Well then show your passion and win big.

Remember the above is a suggestion of utter creativity and fun. No defacing of somebody’s personal property or public property, unless of course nobody sees you or you are certain they hold Jack O’Neill and the SuperFreak tradition in high regard!

Let the game begin! Go to for full details.