Windsurf Board Hauls 141lbs. Of Weed Across Border

Apparently some of the boys down south saw the post last week about the fin-less surfboard that was used to smuggle marijuana across the US/Mexico border. As some of our astute readers commented, it's tough to paddle a board with no fin on it, so noting that, a few cartel kids found themselves an old windsurf board (which also make great and inexpensive SUP's) and loaded that bad boy up with some Oaxacan Gold and made a run for the States. Unfortunately for the smugglers, their dreams were bigger than their paddling skills and they were caught in Imperial Beach. Where's the Mexican Jamie Mitchell when you need him?

Old windsurfers also make great SUP’ers…Photo courtesy

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Two men, three boards and 141 pounds of marijuana—that’s what U.S. Border Patrol agents found when they stopped two surfers off the San Diego County coast Thursday night.

The men were illegal immigrants, and they were trying to smuggle six bales of the drug on one of the surfboards. It’s one of the more creative ways criminals are trying to sneak drugs into the country via the ocean, said Mike Unzueta, special agent in charge of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s San Diego office.

“We’ve seen marijuana that was hidden within surfboards,” Unzueta said. “We’ve seen compartments built into boats. We’ve seen people smuggling on Jet Skis, too.”