Winter’s End with Matt Meola and Albee Layer

“This was one of the best winters of my life” says Matt Meola in this new episode of The Isle, and he’s not kidding.

Matt and best pal Albee Layer have rocketed themselves from a sleepy town on the North Shore of Maui to computer screens worldwide. Additionally, they’ve each got Innersection wins with lensman Elliot Leboe, who has a perfect record going with Innersection victories. The pair has punted and scratched their way to the forefront of both the big wave paddle movement, and the modern aerial collective.

Their involvement with the latter finds them currently adrift on a boat in the Mentawai Islands, with an ‘invite only’ crew of the best young pilots in the world, vying for the Kustom Airstrike $50,000 prize. The roster includes Matt, and Albee, along with John John Florence, Chippa Wilson, and Ryan Callinan. There will be 4 webisodes to follow. And Starting August 1, a fan-voting system will decide the winner. It should be quite the battle as Matt and Albee both seem quite fond of oversized check.