Winter Wonderland In California

Tanner Gudauskas

2010 ASP World Tour Rookie Tanner Gudauskas in Santa Cruz. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Pat Gudauskas

Ryan Augenstein backdoors a chilly Mavericks bowl. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Peter Mel

If they decide to run it, look for Peter Mel and the rest of the Mavericks Surf Contest (what a creative name) contestants to charge some seriously large surf Wednesday. You know Pete will go… Photo: Nelly/SPL

Brad Ettinger

With the west swell direction, northern Baja wasn’t any bigger than San Diego, but a lot less crowded. Brad Ettinger samples Baja Malibu while a panga loaded with who knows what makes it’s way north… Photo: Dorsey.

Mark McNaught

Baja veteran Mark McNaught banks it off the bottom and into yet another tube. Photo: Dorsey

Johnny Craft

Monterey Bay playboy Johnny Craft brings his act down south to Baja. Photo: Dorsey

Alex Gray

Alex Gray charging outer island Baja. It was just him and the big fellas in the grey suits out there… Photo: Bryce White

Alex Gray

Alex Gray enjoying some Baja outer island solitude. Photo: Bryce White

Nick Rosza

Californian wild man Nick Rosza getting loose in Oceanside. Photo: Dorsey

Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans celebrates the season in South Bay, Los Angeles. Photo: Checky

South Bay

Unidentified tube hound in the South Bay… Photo: Checky

South Bay LA

South Bay smoker… Photo: Checky

Ventura County

Way off the beaten path in Ventura County… Photo: Checky


Despite some swell blockage courtesy of the Channel Islands, C-Street in Ventura entertains the masses. Photo: Checky

Timmy Curran

As long as he has a few ramps, Timmy Curran doesn’t mind a little swell blockage. Photo: Checky

Jesse Merle Jones

Jesse Merle Jones snags a nugget under the Ventura Pier without getting snagged himself… Photo: Checky

Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler left his off-the-grid mountain compound for a visit to the big city down in Ventura. Photo: Checky

Oceanside Pier

High tide wedge at Oceanside Pier. Photo: Checky

Seal Beach

Seal Beach slammer. Photo: Checky

Ocean Beach

Facing straight west, Ocean Beach (San Diego) felt the brunt of the swell. No breakfast on the pier this day… Photo: Checky


Straight off Adolph at Blacks Beach in San Diego. Pretty easy to bust his balls from the safety of a laptop eh? Photo:


We love the fact that hot shot pros show up at Blacks and get schooled by crusty old locals on logo-less 7’6″ pintails. Photo:


Sunday afternoon at Swamis. Not a bad way to kick off the week, but don’t burn yourself out, there’s plenty more swell on the way! Photo:

San Diego County

Howling offshore winds and a persistent WNW swell greeted San Diego surfers Sunday morning. Expect more of the same all week… Photo:

Taylor Knox

You can’t be Mr. Nice Guy at Swamis and expect to get a bunch of waves… ask Taylor Knox. Photo: Toby Ogden

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier turns into what the locals were calling the “HB Superbank”. Photo: Steindler