Women to be included at Titans of Mavericks

Women Mavericks

Emily Erickson and Bianci Valenti are among the women big wave surfers featured in Super Sessions and Super Sessions II which documents women big wave riders at Mavericks. Photo: Super Session

The Titans of Mavericks big wave surf contest is one of the most anticipated and dangerous big-wave surfing contests in the world.

When the waves are big enough, 24 competitors are invited to the competition outside of San Francisco to surf waves reaching up to 60 feet tall.

The contest, which has been running since 1999, only invites men, a precedent that the California Coastal Commission has changed.

The state agency grants a permit to the event organizers each year, and next year they added an amendment stating that women must be included in the event in order for organizers to receive a permit.

Titans founder Jeff Clark doesn't believe women should compete in the event, because he told the commission, no women big-wave surfers are at that level yet.

“At this point we haven't seen that kind of performance (from the women),” Jeff Clark told the commission, according to Half Moon Bay Review.

Yet women are out in the lineup when Mavericks gets big.

Big-wave surfer Andrea Möller said women don’t get recognition for their abilities.

“Women have been progressing at big-wave surfing for many years, but they always lacked the recognition and trust from the man-dominated sport,” Möller told the Associated Press. “Times have changed. There are no more reasons to exclude them from any event.”

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Organizers have not yet figured out the details for the inclusion of women in next year's event.

Big-wave surfing competitions are growing.

The first ever big-wave surf contest at famed Hawaiian break, Pe’ahi, or Jaws, was held yesterday.

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