Word Association

Word Association Occy

pregnancy been through it, seen it first hand, new-born baby

fatherhood a big challenge

childhood Kurnell

Curren flow

Billabong loyalty

wetsuit shorts

singing given up on that career

acting given up on that career, too

fast food like it sometimes

fast living slowing down

80s good memories

90s remember more than the eighties

1999—2000 everything to do with my surfing fell into place

rival Parko

Andy unique comeback to win world title


favorite Jay

over it people littering

Slater 100-percent solid

America gotta deal with it

winning the most important thing after my family

world champion on my mind, but have friends I'd like to see win it

aerials they come and go but I've been pulling a few

power I like it

mates love friendship

tow-in never tried, not interested

war hate it

love Mae and Jay

Cooly Kids love them, they're all-time

J-Bay can't wait to get back

pump G-Land

wave when I'm riding one, I'm on top of the world

media necessary for my surfing career

animal Peterson Rosa

Pipe respect and love

Dahlberg best shaper in the world

hair dreadlocks

modeling Stuart D'arcy

Teahupo'o respect, love, admiration, and challenge

dolphins my friends

Bush tucker

smooth Curren

future more kids

now driving