Word On the Street: Who’s the hottest surfer?

Word On the Street

Who's the hottest surfer?

“I think Donovan (Frankenreiter) is super hot because he dresses so good, he surfs really good, his style is so fluid, and he plays music so super good. I'm just in love with Donovan because he's so hot.”

Michele Liou, 19, guinea-pig trainer

“I like Kelly Slater because he has a cute smile.”

Jennifer Gallagher, 19, office clerk

“My favorite surfer is Justin Quirk because he has a great personality and he's an excellent person.”

Brett Lord, 16, sales

“Bruce Irons is hot because he has a hot body, and I want to run my hands down his washboard stomach.”

Lindsay Baker, 21, sales

“I think Jay Larson is a hot surfer because he looks good in a wetsuit.”

Adrienne Westall, 24, retail store manager

“I think Kalani Robb is the hottest surfer ever because he's got good style, he looks like he's having fun, and he's got that sexy Hawai'ian flava.”

Ashley Jung, 21, retail assistant manager